Ireland – Dublin

Ireland is split into five regions on Leinster, Munster, Ulster, Connaught and Dublin.

The majority of my finds have been in Dublin, given that I live just on the border and I work there.

It was difficult to pick just a few caches to talk about in this section as there are so many great caches in Dublin, and I still have a lot to find!

Blackrock Power Trail by Doug. G

The Blackrock Power Trail is a series of 43 caches in South Dublin stretching from Blackrock to Killiney along the coastline.

Most of these caches I did in my first 100 finds, given their proximity to home. There is a great variation in hides and containers and each spot is very scenic. The trail can be done in one day and you can walk from start to finish but I did it in bits and pieces.

My favourite cache from this series is my most recent find – BRPT – 27 The Devil’s Steps (GC47T5H). GZ is a great spot in Sandycove that I never would have known about if not for this cache.

Getting to GZ was a clamber over slippery rocks with waves crashing underneath you and then clinging on to the wall while signing the log.

A bit of an adrenaline rush and definitely great fun!


View from GZ
View from GZ – The Devil’s Steps

Where Bats Dare (GC1N065) by toczygroszek – Found it! 20th September 2014

Howth is full of a great variety of geocaches. I still haven’t found them all, but a return trip is never a bad thing so I’m not complaining.

I’ve chosen two caches that were particularly memorable for me. The first is Where Bats Dare.

The cache description states ‘this cache is a real caving adventure’. That about sums it up! I didn’t want to do this one alone as there is no phone signal in the cave. Abbey of AbbeyAckbar fame agreed to accompany me, although she had found this cache before. In the end, we were also joined by silver solider and Clduff.

We changed into wellies on the beach and made our way across the rocks to the cave, two hours before low tide. Right at the mouth of the cave, when I put my foot in the water, I discovered my wellies were not waterproof! So my socks came off and stayed outside on a rock as we ventured in further. Silver soldier had great fun trying to scare us all. And it was a little scary where the cache was. Bugs running up and down the walls and little crabs in the rock pools all in the pitch dark with just a torch to see. What an experience! I learned my lessons here: firstly, I would wait until getting to the mouth of the cave before changing from hiking boots to wellies as wellies have little or no grip and secondly BUY WATERPROOF WELLIES!!

Me on the way in to the cave!
Me on the way in to the cave!

Lion’s Head (GC1WREN) by toczygroszek Found it! 22nd November 2014

This cache had been mentioned to me in various geocaching circles and is somewhat legendary. Silver soldier told me what was involved at the final stage and I honestly never thought I would be able to do it, and had more or less discounted ever finding it. The first part was the puzzle, which was sorted without too much trouble.

While in Howth with silver soldier doing some caching, he suggested we go to the stages ‘just for a look’. Stage one didn’t pose too much of a problem. Stage two was a different story. I knew what was involved and was reluctant to say the least. This stage involves descending down a cliff while holding on to a rope, which is tied to…. well I don’t know. It disappears in to the bushes and I still don’t know what it’s anchored to. When we arrived at the top of the cliff, we spotted two couples starting to make the ascent back up the rope. We assumed they were cachers, because who else would know about it?!

When they made it up, I asked the girls how was it. One of them said, ‘it’s fine, look at my shoes!’ She was wearing three inch heals!! So that pretty much decided I was doing it. I won’t say I wasn’t nervous. Not least of all because it was getting dark. But I did it. Getting down the rope wasn’t too bad, although it burned my hands (gloves are recommended!). Getting back up was a bit more challenging as at one point, I couldn’t get a grip with my feet. I stayed surprisingly calm and  managed to work out to move to the grassy part on the far left so I could pull myself back up.

Definitely another unforgettable cache by toczygroszek! Did I mention we did this at dusk? I would do it again in daylight to fully appreciate it I think.

From GZ before making the ascent back
From GZ before making the ascent back

An Gorta Mór (The Great Famine) (GC4HQ60) by tmsr –  Found it! 6th November 2014

This is a great little multi along the quays in Dublin. I did this on my lunch break from work, as part of my daily streak challenge (more of that anon!). I had driven past both the sculptures and the Jeanie Johnston ship numerous times but never stopped. Put a geocache there and I will stop, of course ;-).

The numbers are gathered quite quickly and I got to enjoy walking around and having a good look. A great cache steeped in history, highly recommended!

The haunting sculptures - An Gorta Mor
The haunting sculptures – An Gorta Mor

A Nightime stroll in the shade (GC213CE) by Windsockers – Found it! 18th October 2014

This was my first night cache! A plan was hatched with silver soldier to have a day out in the North County Dublin area to pick up a few caches and culminate in going for this one in darkness. The first step in this one is to do the Letterbox Hybrid cache A Shady stroll in the day (GC213CD), which will give you starting coordinates for the nightcache. We did that one nice and early, then went on and found other caches in the area before returning to the same parking spot at 7pm.

These woods are extremely spooky at night! There is not a soul around and with just the two of us, it was really scary. Not least of all because silver soldier tried to (and succeeded in!) making me jump. I shouted at him a lot. We followed the fire tacks and had a momentary panic at one stage when we couldn’t find another. We had to do a slight backtrack to find the next one, then we quickly saw the three fire tacks signifying the final hide.

Another memorable and fun experience 🙂

Selfie at GZ with the cache
Selfie at GZ with the cache


 EASTER RISING 1916. (GC52K1G) by silver soldier – Found it! 21st April 2014

This cache was very aptly published on Easter Sunday. This is a long multi, with eleven stages. I had my eye on it and agreed with my mother (The_Mother) we would go for FTF if nobody else had by Monday. So Monday morning came and nobody had found it. Off we went to the city centre. We walked some of it, and drove some of it. And as we were leaving the second to last stage, I got a ping – FTF was gone. Nevertheless, we finished out all the stages.

The cache page summarises what went on leading up to the Rising and them each stage gives you a little more of the story. This is a great cache, bringing you on a tour of the city and can be done in one go or on numerous different visits.

Having been narrowly pipped to the post for FTF on her birthday, my mother was a bit disappointed but the CO kindly gifted us some ‘second to find’ gifts :-).

Floaters (GC4D0ZQ), Grabbers (GC4DN2D), Sliders (GC4D9F9) by GoldCircle – Found it! 27th October 2014

I loved these three caches! Research was required beforehand as I knew I would need special tools to crack these three field puzzles. I worked out from past logs what we would need and myself and The_Mother headed up to Ballyedmonduff armed with the necessary equipment. We had great fun doing these gadget caches. I highly recommend these, especially for kids who will really enjoy them.

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