Ireland – Ulster

Ulster is the province to the North of Ireland, encompassing counties in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. When comparing the four provinces of Ireland, Ulster has by far the highest number of geocaches.

Holywood Dander by Halywid Hunters – Found it! 24th May 2014

Having headed north at an ungodly hour with THE_Chris to attend the Swedish Breakfast event in Belfast IKEA, we were invited by Halywid Hunters to do some of their caches in Holywood before returning home. We were also accompanied by the swerve. What was meant to be a few caches, turned in to 40 (my personal best caches in a day until September). The caching frenzy included the Holywood Dander series, which brings you on a nice loop around the lovely little town, with a variety of cache types and hides. Definitely worth a day out!

The Giant’s Causeway Earthcache (GCPCPX) by Beefy4605 – Found it! 31st May 2014

I turned 30 on 3rd June 2014, and decided what I wanted to do for my birthday was visit the Giant’s Causeway in Co Antrim! Myself, The_Mother and the geohound Olly, headed to Bushmills for two nights and stayed in a quaint little cottage just outside the town, heading towards the Causeway Coast. The day we arrived the weather was fabulous and we still had time to go the Causeway, so off we set and joined the masses of people descending on the area.

The_Mother, Olly and I at the Causeway
The_Mother, Olly and I at the Causeway

This place is absolutely spectacular! I was very pleased to have this Earthcache as my 500th cache. It was definitely worthy of the milestone!

Stacks & Axe (GC4F7N0) by DucInc – Found it! 1st June 2014

This was another cache we did while we were up in the Antrim area. The Antrim coastline is truly amazing for a variety of different reasons and I particularly enjoyed this spot and the geology lesson kindly provided by DucInc. The rain had stopped for long enough to make our time walking along the beach gathering information very pleasant, if not a bit windy! If you’re going to the Causeway, definitely make a stop here. You won’t be disappointed.

Chalk Cliffs near Stacks & Axes
Chalk Cliffs near Stacks & Axes

Glengesh Valley, Co. Donegal (GC18FJQ) by dino – Found it! 15th March 2014

In March 2014, The_Mother, my sister Jane, niece Tara, nephew Luke and the geohound spent a weekend in Ardara, Co. Donegal. None of us had ever been to Donegal before but it definitely won’t be our last visit. I asked on the Geocaching Ireland Facebook page what caches people recommended in the area and the Glengesh Valley Earthcache was recommended. This was my first ever Earthcache and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although the valley was very misty the day we visited, it was still beautiful. I’d say it is breathtaking on a clear day – I hope to go back again to see that.

Glengesh Valley in the mist
Glengesh Valley in the mist

An Port (GC2H0BQ) by miah505 – Found it! 15th March 2014

Another place we visited completely by chance while in Donegal was An Port. This is one of the most remote and least visited places in Ireland, which is a great pity because it is now firmly up the top of my list of favourite places in Ireland! There are signs up that if you see anything suspicious, you should report it to Customs with a phone number to ring. Not much you could do if you see someone smuggling something in here, I would imagine. The nearest civilisation is quite a bit away.

Jane, Tara & Luke at An Port
Jane, Tara & Luke at An Port

There is also a memorial to victims of a shipwreck nearby. This is well worth a visit, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Ballyconnell Lock 2 (GC3KGQM) by ONDRA AK47 – Found it! 30th March 2014

I visit Cavan quite a few times every year, as I have friends who live there. My friend has even set up her own geocaching account, and goes with me when I’m up there. This cache was a difficulty 4 and it definitely wasn’t easy! I had the job of holding the baby while lula1983 did the searching (refer photo). The cache is very cleverly hidden, I’m not sure I would have found it without her help! A must do if you’re in the Ballyconnell area.

lula1983 searching for the cache at Ballyconnell Lock
lula1983 searching for the cache at Ballyconnell Lock

Mission for Mogue (GC2CQWJ) by coraspoint – Found it! 4th August 2014

Another trip to Cavan, this time to take advantage of the once-yearly free boat trips out to Mogue Island. If you don’t have your own boat or kayak, the bank holiday Monday in August is the one time a year, you can get to the island and find the cache there! Lula1983 and I queued up for our place on the boat in glorious weather. Incidentally, the CO was on the island at the same time as us, although our paths didn’t cross (despite the island being tiny). Highly recommended, remember when to go for your free boat trip!

On the boat to Mogue Island
On the boat to Mogue Island

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