UK – Saffron Walden, Essex

My sister WaldenEleanor and brother-in-law njcbailey live in Saffron Walden and I’ve had the opportunity to geocache twice there. I think I’ve pretty much cleared the town of caches now, so I’m hoping for some new ones for my next visit!

Saffron Walden Town Trail (GC2NQRN) by Cassandy – Found it! 13th April 2014

This was my first whereigo and brought us on a nice little circuit around the town giving us the history. The town is steeped in history and is a really nice place to walk around, especially if the sun is shining. The whereigo worked perfectly on my iPhone, and made me want to do more whereigos!

Welcome to Walden (GC52RA4) by njcbailey – Found it! 1st September 2014

I couldn’t do a blog post about Saffron Walden and not include an njcbailey cache, now could I? Seriously though, this multi is really nice and the final hide is very clever and the first one of this kind I’ve done. I don’t want to give too much away but I can tell you, you will be able to sign the log without getting it wet, if it happens to be raining outside. Too cryptic? You’ll have to find it for yourself!

Saffron Walden town
Saffron Walden town

Turf Maze (GC4YX18) by doild – Found it! 12th April 2014

I like this one because of the unusual container! You have to love caches that are staring right at you but you can’t find. I liked this one so much I placed the same container type near my house and it seems to be well received with finders here too. I had never seen a placement like this in Ireland, so it has made its way there now, thanks to the inspiration from this cache!

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