France – Nice

In October 2014, The_Mother and I went to France, Monaco and Italy for an 8 day trip, solely for the purposes of geocaching! We had a great time, with absolutely beautiful weather in Nice and Monaco.

Cluedo I (GC3RKRF) by Sympa 🙂 – Found it! 8th October 2014

When I looked at the map of caches in Nice, I noticed an overwhelming number of Whereigo caches. Very unusual to see since we currently have only one Whereigo cache in Dublin! So I decided I would try to bump my whereigo numbers up while in France. Unfortunately, the cartridges were all in French so I struggled and in the end I only found two; one of which I needed help from a previous Irish finder with.

This one though, I managed on my own. Although it was in French, I was able to realise quickly what was required, because I am familiar with Cluedo. This was so much fun! And with some lucky guessing, it took me less than ten minutes to get the final coordinates. Great fun! I am still planning on creating my own whereigo cache soon and it may just be an homage to this great idea!

Le Mont Boron (GCV0C8) by Rahan – Found it! 7th October 2014

It’s always nice to walk up a hill/mountain when the sun is splitting and finding caches makes it even sweeter. This is a lovely little walk on a gradual incline up Mont Boron and the cache itself is a nice big container. There are beautiful views down to Nice.

Me near the top of Mont Boron

Cap de Nice (GC1XMYT) by Pouille – Found it! 7th October 2014

After being up high on Mont Boron, we went down many, many steps to get to Cap de Nice. This is an absolutely beautiful spot with two caches. Well worth a walk around. The waves were crashing against the rocks and the sun was beating down. There is a ‘disclaimer’ on the cache page that “You may encounter nude men on this course, so if this bothers you, do not come when it’s hot…” but we didn’t see any 😉

Cap de Nice
Cap de Nice

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