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While visiting my sister in Essex in April 2014, I did my first (and hopefully not my last!) geocaching day in London. As you can imagine, London has a huge number of caches, so I was quite picky with the caches I decided to do that day. I sought recommendations on the Geocaching Ireland Facebook page before I went too, which always proves to be very useful.

The Tin Pan Alley Band (GC2C1NN) by goldpot – Found it! 14th April 2014

As I’m writing this post, this cache has 1,122 favourite points! It had almost reached 1,000 favourite points when I was in London and it was firmly on top of my must-do list. It was the first cache I went for when I got off the train in Central London. As the name suggests, the cache is in an alley. I arrived quite early on a work day and had a momentary panic when I thought the gate to the alleyway was locked but it wasn’t and I went in and found the cache very quickly. This is a very unique cache; something I’d never seen before or since. I don’t want to give much away, but I highly recommend this one if you’re in London. It was also featured as a Geocache of the Week this year.

16th Century Pub (Central London) (GC4E4B) by The Wombles – Found it! 14th April 2014

This was one of the caches I was recommended on the Facebook page. At the moment, it has almost 400 favourite points.

16th Century Pub in Central London
16th Century Pub in Central London

It’s a virtual and it’s extremely hard to locate exactly where it is. I spent some time walking up and down the road before actually giving up and going to the nearby traditional St Etheldreda’s Church cache. I finally found the entrance to the alleyway housing the pub when I was near the church and I was not disappointed. Unfortunately, the pub was not open when I was there so a return trip will be in order! Very special find.

2 thoughts on “UK – London

  1. We also did Tin Pan Alley Band based on the number of favourite points and we could only agree with all of them, great fun 🙂 It’s archived now but it’s worth looking at the CO’s final log and the ensuing replies, so many people loved this one, us included. I scrolled through to find the entry he said was his favourite, it was well worth the search….well, that’s what we do, isn’t it?

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