Italy – Milan

In October 2014, The_Mother and I travelled to Milan for 4 nights. Neither of us had been to Milan before and although the weather was not great and rained non-stop on one day (the day of my meet & greet event!), we still had a great time finding some amazing caches in this beautiful city. Apart from two awesome earthcaches, we found lots of brilliantly clever urban hides. I won’t mention them all here, I’ve just chosen two of my absolute favourites.

il marmo di Candoglia (GC5D4J0) by Lord Yoruno – Found it! 13th October 2014

This was my 1,000th cache. I had decided after cache 500, that I would find an earthcache for each of my milestones up to 1,000. I knew I would reach the grand milestone while I was on holiday, and I had earthcaches picked out in each place we were going. A few months before the holiday, while researching earthcaches, I noted there was no earthcache in the centre of Milan. A little digging revealed that the famous Milan Cathedral was made from a unique type of marble from the Candoglia region of Italy. I decided I would create an earthcache based on this, as soon as I was there (I had to wait to visit, because of the rule that you need to have visited the earthcache site within three months of submitting for publication).

Less than 4 weeks before we went, the exact earthcache I had wanted to set was published by a local cacher! So I was delighted to have this as my 1,000th milestone.

Unfortunately, it rained non stop the entire day, so going up on to the roof of the cathedral wasn’t as fun as it might have been but we still thoroughly enjoyed it.

The_Mother and I at Milan Cathedral
The_Mother and I at Milan Cathedral

G&M – Milano Curiosa – Monumento alle 5 Giornate (GC1AJ61) by gigioll & marina – Found it! 14th October 2014

I should mention that, in contrast to the majority of geocaches we found in Nice, the geocaches we found in Milan all had at the very least the hint in English, which was really nice.

This was one of the last caches we found in Milan and is an example of an urban hide at its best. A lot of work went in to the container to have it blend in with its surroundings. It has to be seen to be appreciated, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise here 😉

G&M – Milano Curiosa: La Via di Ratt (GC1H7E1) by gigioll & marina – Found it! 12th October 2014

Another impressive urban hide. This container is sitting practically out in the open, very close to a busy place – the Cenacolo Vinciano. I really liked this hide and there is a clue in the title.

Una passeggiata tra le Alpi Lombarde (GC53NFH) by ilTozzo – Found it! 12th October 2014

This place was made for an earthcache! We had to catch the metro a little outside the city centre to do this one, but it was worth it. This is a small square built as a tribute to the typical landscapes of Lombardy. There are nine large rocks representing the mountains of Lombardy. Small green spaces and fountains represent the plains and lakes of the region. This is a fascinating walk and a must do for those interested in geology.

The_Mother with one of the rocks
The_Mother with one of the rocks

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