While staying in Nice in October 2014, The_Mother and I spent a day geocaching in Monaco. Such an interesting place to visit, you can see the wealth everywhere you go.

Grotte de L’Observatoire (GC2HC3E) by eisenstaedter – Found it! 8th October 2014

It’s always top of my priority list to find an earthcache while I’m abroad. There is only one earthcache in Monaco, so this is where we headed first. Unfortunately, we got lost, but it meant we could pick up a few other caches along the way 😉

The earthcache is located in a cave at the base of the Jardin Exotique cliffs. You have to go as part of a regular guided tour down to the caves, but it is so interesting to hear about this magical place.

Since I was here, this cache has been chosen as Geocache of the Week, and my log was even quoted there!

Inside the cave
Inside the cave

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