UK – Ayr, Ayrshire

In early 2014, it was suggested on the Geocaching Ireland forums that a group get together to go to the UK Mega in Ayr. And so a small group of cachers flew from Dublin on various flights, and an additional group got the ferry from Northern Ireland, to make sure the Emerald Isle was well represented at the UK Mega!

UK Mega Event 2014 – Ayrshire and Arran (GC4HBG4) by UK Mega Event Committee  – Attended 2nd August 2014

This was my first mega event (hopefully the first of many!). I wasn’t really sure what to expect but the lab caches were great fun to do and I enjoyed restocking some of my geocoins (after my original collection had been stolen a month before). It was also very interesting to attend a Q&A session with some UK reviewers.

The highlight of the day, however, was the Ceilí in the evening. The haggis was delicious and the dancing was delightful to watch (I didn’t partake!). I’m already looking forward to the next UK Mega in Essex 2015. Next time we will be camping, so fingers crossed for good weather 🙂

The_Mother and I with a true Scotsman!
The_Mother and I with a true Scotsman!

Electric Brae (GCG8BA) by Pooter – Found it! 2nd August 2014

There are two virtual caches in this area so I wanted to do them both, since I had hired a car. The_Mother and I were joined by the swerve and THE_Chris and we did this cache first. This is an example of a ‘magic road’, where if you stop the car and release the handbrake, the car appears to start rolling up the hill. I was a bit skeptical to see if it would actually work, but it really did! Great fun 🙂

On the Magic Road
On the Magic Road

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