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What's in Your Geocaching Maintenance Kit? | The Geocaching Junkie

If you’re a cache owner, it can be a good idea to put together a maintenance kit, so you have all the supplies you’ll need to maintain, fix or replace your caches in one handy place. I’m sharing my maintenance kit with you, in case you’re looking for inspiration. See below the image for a detailed explanation of the contents!


Cache containers

This one is self explanatory. I try to have a range of container types in my kit, including regular ones like magnetic micros and Lock & Locks, as well as trickier hides like fake rocks or magentic bolts.

Silica gel packets

There is much debate about whether or not silica gel helps to keep a logbook dry (you can go to the Groundspeak forums if you want to indulge in that debate) but in my experience, if one of my caches gets waterlogged, the logbook/sheet itself is dry 9 times out of 10, as long as I have them in a little plastic, sealable bag with a silica gel packet in there. You get them free with lots of things, so it’s easy to place them in with a logbook.

Logbooks and logsheets

Another obvious one. Depending on what size of caches you have hidden, there could be a wide array of logbook and logsheet choices, along with some stash notes explaining what the container is, should a muggle find it. You can print great logsheets in many sizes from Techblazer’s website here. IB Geocaching also has a free, custom logbook creator here.

Pencils & sharpeners

Pencils tend to be more durable than pens and if you include a sharpener in the cache too, they should have a long life (provided they don’t get removed from the cache!)

Stamp for Letterbox Hybrids

No matter how big you write DO NOT REMOVE THE STAMP FROM THE CACHE on your cache page, or even on the cache, it is likely it will go missing (take from someone who knows!). I got these stamp markers from IKEA for a reasonable price.

Wet wipes

Even the most waterproof and durable of containers can get waterlogged if someone doesn’t put the lid back on properly. In such caches, emptying it out and wiping it with something wet is the first step on the road to cache recovery.


The second step after the above, is to dry the container out thoroughly. Tissues are easiest because you can dispose of them in the nearest bin.

Little plastic bags 

I rarely put a logbook or logsheet in a cache without having it in a little plastic bag. I got mine from a bead store, but you can buy them in selected Euro Shops/Poundlands/Dollar Stores (delete as appropriate for your location 🙂 ). Of course, there’s always Ebay if you can’t source them in a local shop.

Cable ties

Even if you haven’t hidden a cache using a cable tie, there’s no harm including some in your kit as you may decide to use one at a later date. I got a pack of assorted sizes for €2.

Camo Tape

A very handy commodity to make your caches blend in a bit better. Camo tape can also help reinforcing the plastic used in some containers, thus making it more durable. Camo bags are an alternative also.


For cutting said camo tape, or cutting logsheets down to size, if necessary.


For ‘topping up’ your larger caches so people have something to swap. Let’s face it, cachers do not always trade equal or up, or in fact trade at all – I own a large ammo can and it was packed full of swag when I placed it but the contents are regularly depleted and need to be replaced.

Replacement pouches for geocoins

This is a new addition to my kit. If I find geocoins that have been wet for a while, the pouch and piece of paper with them can become mouldy, so I try to clean them up and replace the pouch. This is also a useful addition to your geobag (more on that in a future post).

I want to hear from  you: what’s in your geocaching maintenance kit? Is there anything I should add to mine? Let me know in the comments!

Happy caching!


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4 thoughts on “What's in Your Geocaching Maintenance Kit? | The Geocaching Junkie

  1. I’ve been looking at my maintainence box and I would add magnets rope and cammo bags to your list. Magnets and cammo bags I always have in my caching kit also.

  2. Hand sanitiser. In maintenance bag, geobag, car, pocket….! Can’t get enough of that stuff especially when caching with kids.

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