11 Trackables That Are Basically You When You're Geocaching | The Geocaching Junkie

1. When you can’t find the cache but you’re trying to remain upbeat while phoning a friend 


2. When you engage stealth mode but you take it too far


3. When you find the cache before anyone else, but hide it and let them keep on searching for a while 


4.When that T5 took a lot more out of you than you thought, but you’re playing down your injuries


 5. When you’re geocaching in a dodgy neighbourhood and your friend acts as lookout while you search 


6. When someone shows up for FTF but you’ve already found it, and you’re less than sympathetic


7. When someone in the group is really grumpy and keeps shushing everyone while gesturing angrily in the direction of muggles to emphasise their point


8. When you’re vertically challenged so you bring a tall friend to retrieve caches hidden too high for you


9. When you’re going geocaching near nettles/thorns/poison ivy and you suit up accordingly 


10. When you’re the FTF and feeling quite smug about it


11. When you visit Geocaching Headquarters and you’re way too excited about it

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Do you have any trackables that reflect you when you’re geocaching? Send them to me on Facebook or Twitter, or email them to me and I’ll include them in a follow up post!

Happy caching!


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