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Ireland's Oldest Geocaches | The Geocaching Junkie

A list of the 100 oldest, active geocaches in Ireland. You can find the bookmark list of these on, here.

Ireland's oldest caches mapped April 16

GC Code Cache Name Date Placed  Cache Type Owner 
GC43 Europe’s First 3rd June 2000 Traditional Chris O’Byrne (adopted by Donnacha)
GC322 Kyle Cache 1 18th Feb 2001 Traditional Kyle
GC6867 Inishdugga 26th Jul 2001 Traditional Obelix & Asterix
GC16CA High View 7th Aug 2001 Traditional Asterix
GC29BB Battle of the Boyne 18th Nov 2001 Traditional Windsockers
GC3747 Galtybeg cache 31st Dec 2001 Traditional bogtrotter_ie
GC2F87 The Summit 1st Jan 2002 Traditional Obelix
GC38D7 pussycat 10th Feb 2002 Traditional madfaxman and tazmanni
GC38D9 Kiddies Hollow 10th Feb 2002 Traditional madfaxman and tazmanni
GC44C5 The Phoenix 23rd Mar 2002 Traditional The Champions (adopted by Fjon)
GC4CFA seaview 14th April 2002 Traditional madfaxman and tazmanni
GC5494 Gernonstown Cache 5th May 2002 Traditional Windsockers
GC5744 Dune 12th May 2002 Traditional ThePuzzler
GC591C Ballykissangel Cache 15th May 2002 Traditional Donnacha
GC5C9F Cloughmore 26th May 2002 Traditional ThePuzzler
GC5E91 2duck glen Co Waterford 30th May 2002 Traditional Suil
GC5EF6 Bitten by The Glenveagh Bug (Co Donegal) 1st Jun 2002 Traditional Chris n Maria
GC5EF9 More Salt Please (Co Donegal) 1st Jun 2002 Traditional Chris n Maria (adopted by dino)
GC5EFA Home by the Sea (Co Antrim) 1st Jun 2002 Virtual Chris n Maria
GC5EFB Atlantic Drive (Co Donegal) 1st Jun 2002 Virtual Chris n Maria
GC6689 The Flying Dutchman 20th Jun 2002 Multi GR / Cairnteam
GC6F9B French Memorial 7th Jul 2002 Traditional Suil
GC6E79 The Spanish Chestnut 8th Jul 2002 Traditional swift
GC70E8 Films About Ghosts 14th Jul 2002 Traditional Donnacha
GC742F Hidden Gold 20th Jul 2002 Traditional Little Lu
GC7473 Deserted Village 21st Jul 2002 Multi Borric
GC789A Glencree Cache 30th Jul 2002 Traditional Donnacha
GC7999 Baltimore Beacon 3rd Aug 2002 Traditional Donnacha
GC8089 Skerry Cache 17th Aug 2002 Traditional swift
GC810F Drombeg Stone Circle (Co Cork) 18th Aug 2002 Virtual DJH
GC810E Escort me to the Fiesta (Co Cork) 18th Aug 2002 Virtual DJH
GC8111 Abankula Seal Cliffs (Co Cork) 18th Aug 2002 Traditional DJH
GC815D Blaeberry Cache 18th Aug 2002 Traditional ThePuzzler
GC91D8 Twixt Rathlin and Tory 22nd Aug 2002 Traditional 905kaa
GC89F9 “the Big Hill” 5th Sept 2002 Virtual bloke1987
GC89F7 Hello America! 5th Sept 2002 Virtual bloke1987
GC8A0F The Lost Treasure of Granuaile O’Malley 5th Sept 2002 Traditional bloke1987
GC8A11 The Castle 5th Sept 2002 Virtual bloke1987
GC8EB5 Crookhaven Cache 15th Sept 2002 Traditional Donnacha
GC9C57 Peat Hags Perch 13th Oct 2002 Traditional ThePeatHags
GCA1BC Corrasillagh-Ballinaskea 27th Oct 2002 Traditional The Peat Hags
GCD9E3 Stoney Cache 23rd Feb 2003 Traditional swift & Christopher
GCDD9E Owenerk River View 2nd Mar 2003 Traditional Hillside Yanks
GCE388 Stiffy By The Liffey 12th Mar 2003 Virtual Donnacha
GCE602 Brittas Bay 16th Mar 2003 Traditional Donnacha
GCEEE4 Paddy’s Volcanic View 30th Mar 2003 Traditional The Navigator
GCF170 The Grey Mans Head 1st Apr 2003 Traditional The Navigator
GCFF5A carnsore cache 20th Apr 2003 Traditional Bootle
GCG3BC Dunbrody 11th May 2003 Virtual Donnacha
GCGABQ Timon’s Folly 21st May 2003 Traditional Shakes
GCGBDD Beara Cache (co Cork) 29th May 2003 Traditional Greg and Bev
GCG7EJ Alcock & Brown Travel Bug Hotel 31st May 2003 Traditional Obelix
GCG7VB Rockingham Cache 31st May 2003 Virtual Bootle
GCG7YJ First’ in Europe (Co Kerry) 3rd Jun 2003 Traditional dylanhayes
GCG7Q3 Atlantic Whirlpool 4th Jun 2003 Traditional Marcus in Kerry
GCG8JC Dalkey Experience 8th Jun 2003 Multi Cetus & Cuore
GCGE68 Short Walk to a Long Fall 14th Jun 2003 Virtual Equinox 2002
GCGCEP The Throne 29th Jun 2003 Traditional K1
GCGDB2 Father Ted’s Tribute Cache 5th Jul 2003 Traditional CraigsBar & Amjay
GCGFM7 Lough na Foohey View 17th Jul 2003 Traditional CraigsBar
GCGHGD Inishbofin Monk Prison 24th Jul 2003 Traditional Llyweilun & Lyrgaine
GCGH66 Famine Relief Project 25th Jul 2003 Traditional klaus23
GCGJEP Bligh’s Cache 29th Jul 2003 Traditional Maji
GCGJGA Scrabo 30th Jul 2003 Traditional Billy Twigger
GCGKAH Keem Cache 3rd Aug 2003 Traditional Bootle
GCGP59 Two Mast Cache 17th Aug 2003 Traditional porkknocker
GCGQ1V Ballincolla Views 19th Aug 2003 Traditional chris, lizzie and genie
GCGQ22 Knockomagh Summit 20th Aug 2003 Traditional chris, lizzie and genie
GCGR9Q Bunaninver 22nd Aug 2003 Traditional swift & Alice
GCGQT7 Seat Of The High Kings 24th Aug 2003 Traditional Windsockers
GCGQRV The Hill Of The Witch 24th Aug 2003 Traditional Kili or Bust
GCGQTV Spink 25th Aug 2003 Traditional Naomi and Louis
GCGT5C Tonelagee 31st Aug 2003 Traditional Donnacha
GCGTD7 The Black Rose 1st Sep 2003 Virtual Shakes
GCGTG2 Blarney Cache 1st Sep 2003 Virtual Hokies
GCGYJ9 The Anniversary Cache 22nd Sep 2003 Traditional Team CraigsBar & AmJay
GCH1HN Cranfield Cache 10th Oct 2003 Traditional merann
GCH3TX Crumlin Glen Cache 22nd Oct 2003 Traditional merann
GCH5T0 Stone Circles 1st Nov 2003 Traditional merann
GCHCQT Merry Christmas Mr Jones 25th Dec 2003 Traditional Donnacha
GCHCYM Marconi’s Cottage 27th Dec 2003 Traditional Seacon & ‘Ross B’
GCHEQ5 Dun Eochla View 3rd Jan 2004 Traditional klaus23
GCHNDC Knockmealdown 9th Feb 2004 Traditional Munro-Men
GCHPAT Tulllaghoge Fort 15th Feb 2004 Traditional merann
GCHV96 Ardboe Abbey 5th Mar 2004 Traditional merann
GCGJG6 Renville Point 7th Mar 2004 Traditional klaus23
GCJ032 Driving through the sea 21st Mar 2004 Traditional Bootle
GCJ323 The Fancy Cache 3rd Apr 2004 Traditional Bootle
GCJ39P Corran Tuathail (Ireland’s Highest Cache) 4th Apr 2004 Traditional klaus23 (Adopted by Marcus in Kerry)
GCJ3Z8 Ring Fort 5th Apr 2004 Traditional Barnabus
GCJ4V6 Nendrum 7th Apr 2004 Traditional Barnabus
GCJ8RT Slieve League (Bunglas) 17th Apr 2004 Traditional Wild Rover
GCJ80Q There be no snakes here 18th Apr 2004 Traditional Barnabus
GCJ9ZP “Teach Clocha” 25th Apr 2004 Traditional The Quiet Man
GCJA0W Beginish Island 25th Apr 2004 Traditional Marcus in Kerry
GCJAQQ Criss – Cross Bridge 30th Apr 2004 Traditional merann
GCJAQV Castle Gardens 30th Apr 2004 Traditional merann
GCJFKZ Bono’s Cache 18th May 2004 Traditional Bootle
GCJGEV Marlay Cache 22nd May 2004 Traditional Bootle
GCJH53 skylark 23rd May 2004 Traditional The Two Amigos

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  1. Hi Sarah, thank you for this list. I could be in Ireland for 2-3 months this year. This will help with the Jasmer Challenge. Some good excuses for some road-trips!
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