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It’s that time of year again: the season of goodwill, over-eating and panic over what gifts to buy. While some people are accomplished perfect-gift buyers, others are not so blessed with the clairvoyance required to know what everyone wants or needs under the Christmas tree. The latter group deserve some not so subtle hints, so do them a favour and share this list with them. For the geocacher who has all the practical stuff on my list from last year, I present you with a list of indulgences that you may not need, but you know you want!

First to Find Game*

Board games are a big Christmas tradition in our house, so I was sure to get myself this First to Find card game to combine the custom with my love of geocaching. The game has three levels of difficulty depending on what type of cache you choose: traditional, multi or mystery. The game can be purchased for £8.50, and if you buy before Christmas Eve, you can add King Of First To Finds Geocoin for just £2.50 extra.

Christmas Wish List: For the Geocacher Who has Everything

3D Printer

For the cache owner who loves hiding unique caches! 3D printed caches are not as rare as you might think and there are instructables online telling you how to create puzzle boxes,  like cryptexes. The possibilities are vast!

Wine bottle stopper

Love wine? Love geocaching? Love this heart-shaped geocaching wine bottle stopper. Perfect as a stocking filler!

Personalised Stamp

Trackable stamps are very popular in Germany and German online geocaching retailer Geocoinshop offers a wide variety. You can upload your own design or use one of theirs. If you don’t want to make yours trackable, you can get a stamp from various retailers, including Amazon. My only tip would be to get the smallest one possible, as mine is quite large so I can rarely use it without taking up a whole logbook page (so I don’t use it in those logbooks, before anyone gets outraged!).

My trackable stamp

How to Avoid Housework by Geocaching

I can absolutely not vouch for the content of this book because I haven’t read it, but I can tell you that the title is a textbook example (pun intended) of how to use a book title to get someone to buy your book. It’s firmly on my wish list.


The trusty multi-tool is a great asset for your TOTT kit – with multiple uses, it will fit nicely in your pocket if you want to leave the geobag at home. I’ve been told it’s handy for non-geocaching pursuits too.

Escape Room Voucher

If you like geocaching, chances are you’ll enjoy an escape room game and the great thing is, it’s something you can do with the whole family or a group of friends – even if they are not keen on caching! Escape Rooms are popping up all over the place so have a search for one in your area.

How Being a Geocacher Helped Me in an Escape Room

Geology for dummies book

For the EarthCache enthuasist – owner or finder – this Geology for Dummies book will keep them quiet while they’re stuck indoors. The only trouble is they’ll start seeing potential EarthCache placements everywhere they go – take it from someone who knows!

Personalised Doormat

A doormat welcoming all who enter your abode with your coordinates? YES!

Night Vision Monocular

No self-respecting geocacher will let a minor detail like pitch dark get in the way of a good geocache hunt. A torch with the power of 2 million candles is all well and good, but how about actual night vision? This monocular may be pricey, but could extend your winter geocaching way past sunset.

Signature Items

Channel your inner creative and make some DIY crafty signature swag for the geocacher in your life. Polymer clay is really easy to use and you have lots of options with what you can make. You could also paint pebbles, make something out of beads or paracord or print out some cards and laminate them. Have a look on Pinterest for some inspiration!


A subscription to something fun is such a great gift to get anyway, but make it geocaching-related, and you’re on to a double winner! Of course, you can gift a Geocaching Premium Membership to someone who is on the fence, or a subscription to Project-GC.

Alternatively, you can gift a subscription to a geocaching magazine like FTF Geocacher or UK Cache Mag, or get a SWAG subscription like the great one from IB Geocaching – I’m always delighted to see it land in my mailbox every month!

Geocacher's Christmas Wish List 2016

Now that you’ve read through and probably want many things on this list, it’s time to share it with your family and friends, so they can get the not so subtle hint about what you want under the tree this year! Don’t forget to check out last year’s wish list for more ideas.

Happy Cachemas!


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  • First to Find card game has been discontinued by the manufacturer

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