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Geocaching Souvenirs: What Are They? | The Geocaching Junkie

You may have seen people on social media talking about ‘souvenirs’ that you can earn for geocaching. These are basically virtual badges that are displayed on your profile on You can find what souvenirs you have already earned by checking your profile:

profile souvenirs

How do I earn souvenirs?

Souvenirs are earned in four ways:

1. By finding a cache in a specific country, state or province.

Some countries, like France, have just one souvenir regardless of where in the country you find a cache. Other countries, have one souvenir per region that you find a cache in, like the USA, which has one souvenir per state visited.

geographical souvenirs

Note: Not all countries in the world have a geocaching souvenir available, however, more are added every year and these are publicised via the Geocaching Blog.

2. By finding a specific cache type on a specific date, or within a specific time period.

For example, by finding an EarthCache on International EarthCache Day (each year in October), you can earn a souvenir. These souvenirs are also normally publicised via the Geocaching Blog.

specific date souvenirs

3. By attending a mega event 

Many mega events have their own associated souvenir, which you will earn by logging your attendance.

mega event souvenirs

4. By completing the summer souvenir ‘mission’

Each summer, Geocaching HQ has a summer promotion, which involves various missions or tasks to be carried out to earn a number of souvenirs. For example, in 2017, the theme is The Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde.

summer souvenirs

What’s the Point? 

Some don’t see the point in earning souvenirs, but for me personally, they are a memento of a specific geocaching adventure, or even a vacation and I always like to earn them.


If you don’t want to see your souvenirs on your profile, you can choose to ‘hide’ them by clicking on the ‘hide this’ button below each one. If you accidentally log a find that you shouldn’t have, and this leads to earning a souvenir, there is no way to remove it from your profile, so hiding it is the only option.

You can find a full, up-to-date list of all souvenirs currently available on the help centre here.

Happy Caching!


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