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We’ve all been there: you’re right in the middle of something and think, “I’ll just check Facebook quickly,” and the next thing you know, after a number of clicks and several new tabs, you’re elbow deep in a subject you possibly never heard of before today. It’s generally quite a waste of time. Sometimes though, I discover something that I just know I have to write a blog post about.

Such was the case when I stumbled across a Facebook discussion about nudist geocaching. I can’t say I’ve ever had an interest in naturism, but when I discovered that there were cachers out there hiding so-called clothing optional caches and making finds sans attire, I had to find out more, not least of all because…. why?

By Gavino63 (CC BY-SA 4.0) via Wikimedia Commons

To learn a bit more about clothing optional caching, or geonuding, I got in touch with geocacher Gary (kw4gt), who not only enjoys caching nude but has hosted clothing optional events and owns a clothing optional cache in his home state of Florida. Gary has been caching since 2008 and quickly discovered that there were already clothing optional caches available, discovering some in California, Canada and Germany. In fact, from the little bit of research I did, I found this cache, called Clothing Optional, which is now archived but dates from 2002.

First things first, what is Naturism?

Naturism at its most basic definition is the practice of going nude, especially in social settings. The International Naturist Federation defines it as:

… a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment

There are naturist federations in 48 countries listed on the INF website, together with a long list of clubs and resorts. It was difficult to find any exact numbers on how many people identify themselves as nudists, but this article from 2017 in 2017 estimated that are 3.8 million nudists in Britain. The American Association for Nude Recreation had over 30,000 members in 2015 – of course, this doesn’t take in to account the many nudists who haven’t registered with the AANR.

Do Groundspeak recognise nudist caches?

Caches that require the seeker to be nude in order to make the find are not permissible, presumably because this would equate to an additional logging requirement (ALR). This is where the term ‘clothing optional cache’ comes in: you can find the cache while nude, if you choose to, but it’s by no means mandatory.

By Cremedia, via Wikimedia Commons

So what is a clothing optional geocache?

Basically, it’s an otherwise standard cache where you don’t only have the option to find the cache naked, but you are actively encouraged to do so. There are some nude friendly hides that are identified as such, like Gary’s Owasso Shalom Clothing Optional Cache, but others are not clearly marked as such, although they are included in this bookmark list of Nude Friendly Caches.

The Geocaching Junkie

Gary tells me that any cache that requires a hike to get to can be a nude friendly cache, provided you visit at non-peak times. Gary likes to cache au naturel from late Spring to early Fall, as hardly anyone caches in Central Florida during that period.

Why Geocache Nude?

Those who geocache naked will likely be people who practice naturism in many other aspects of their lives. Gary used to be an active skydiver and would always dive naked. Geonudists are essentially nudists who also geocache.

The Geocaching Junkie - Why do some people geocaching nude?
Gary geocaching in Florida

Gary tells me that he tries to live his life as naked as possible:

Caching is one of my interests, so naturally I cache naked. I established my clothing optional cache to give others a low risk way to experience the outdoors unencumbered by clothing. Until they experience natural, non-sexual outdoor nudity themselves, way too many people think that nudity is just about sex.

Just as many geocachers combine their caching activities with other things, some naturists also like to combine their way of life with their geocaching habits.

How do people react to nude geocaching?

The Facebook post that brought geonuding to my attention was full of mixed opinions about it: most people had no issues, but there were some who were downright outraged by the whole thing. So, what has been Gary’s experience of other geocachers’ reactions? He has seen a wide range of opinions in the Groundspeak forums, but the feedback he has received on his clothing optional cache has been overwhelmingly positive, even when the finder has opted to remain clothed. He added:

I have been thanked for being clothed at a local event, but
that was done good-humoredly.

There’s just one more question that needs to be answered at this point:

Where Do They Keep The Pen? 

Arguably the most important part of geocaching, signing the log is a must to make your find count and it’s good practice to have several writing utensils on your person when out and about. But where do pocketless geonudists keep their pens? The answer from Gary is a simple, “in my backpack.” Where else? 😉

Happy Caching!


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    1. This is not just in America – there are clothing optional caches in lots of countries and I’m sure there are similar or the same obstacles elsewhere! Americans even have poison ivy to contend with – ouch!!

  1. Cheers for answering the pen question.. that was the first thing I wondered 🙂 It’s difficult enough trying to explain to an inquisitive muggle what you are doing without being naked! I always learn things when I visit your blog. Thank you for another interesting post 🙂

  2. I found Owasso Shalom Clothing Optional Cache earlier today, I did get naked and it felt wonderful being natural in Nature! Sadly my time was cut short by a bee sting in the nether region but that certainly isn’t stopping me from searching for others this evening. Cant wait to get back out and find some more clothing optional caches. I thought about doing in the past in a preserve near by, was totally alone hiking for about 3 hours but then thought better of it knowing my luck I would run into people and end up with legal trouble.

  3. As a private for-profit corporation, Groundspeak can make any decision they want about which cache to allow and which one to reject. But the ALR is a hollow argument. Initially they rejected our cache because they said they were a family activity. When we pointed out that we were very much family-oriented, they brought out the ALR. It is not accurate because people can chose to come during cold weather and then they don’t have to be nude. Plus there are many other caches in locations have special regulations or require registration to enter. (we offer a free visit for those who want to find the cache)

    But Groundspeak Inc. is not the only directory of caches out there. (but certainly the most popular one) We registered with OpenCaching:

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