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Today is Mother’s Day in Ireland (as well the UK, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and Nigeria) and I couldn’t let it pass without mentioning my own mother. I’m in the very lucky position of having a geocaching mom – a rather rare but wonderful type of mother.


If you have a geocaching mother, you’ll know what I’m talking about it, but if you don’t know, here’s why I think geo-moms are particularly excellent when you’re a geocacher yourself.

1. She encourages a life of adventure  

There’s no denying that worrying is one of the top 5 pastimes of most mothers, but geocaching moms can rarely be described as ‘helicopter parents‘. Instead of wrapping up their children in cotton wool, geo-moms actively encourage getting dirty and seeking out adventure.

The Geocaching Junkie:

Of course, they’ll still likely worry but at least they’ll be there with you for support – moral or otherwise – while you’re climbing a tree, or dangling off a bridge. If only, because she wants you to pass the logbook to her next!

2. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty

There’s nothing wrong with less mucky pursuits like tennis or knitting, but geocachers will appreciate a mother who doesn’t shirk at a bit of mud or dirt in the pursuit of that smiley.

The Geocaching Junkie: Reasons why geocaching mothers are amazing

3. Her patience is endless

I think it’s true of most mothers that seemingly inexhaustible patience is one of their many virtues. As a geocacher, this translates as an unwillingness to accept a DNF so easily. In my experience, I am always the one to give up on a cache more quickly than my mom, and more often than not, she will find it, though I’d already given up hope.

The Geocaching Junkie: Reasons why geocaching mothers are amazing

4. A shared interest means more time together…

… which in turn means a stronger bond. She may have raised you but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lot in common. A shared hobby like geocaching allows for more time to spend together, which can only mean a strengthened relationship.

The Geocaching Junkie: Reasons why geocaching mothers are amazing

5. She just gets you 

Spending all day from dawn to well past dusk looking for Tupperware boxes and film pots hidden in the woods; racing out of the house for an FTF in your pyjamas; the importance of earning a virtual souvenir … she understands it all. She just gets you, because she is exactly the same way.

Do you have, or are you, a geocaching mother? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Caching and a very happy Mother’s Day to all moms – geocaching or not!


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6 thoughts on “5 Reasons Geocaching Mothers are Amazing | The Geocaching Junkie

  1. First I want to say Happy Mothers Day to yours and every other mom over there. After reading the post I would like to say that you have the best mom in the world but I cant. That honor goes to my mom. But seriously, you are very accurate in saying that geocaching is a great way to bond with your mom, or any family for that matter.

    I too am lucky enough to have a geocaching mom (and wife, sister, daughters, aunts, and brother). Ok it’s not luck I talked them all into it. They may not be as crazy as me but they understand and are happy to hold the rope or help me load the kayak just to go get that treasured ammocan in the woods or down the river or up a mountain. You get the point.

    Great article and to others if you haven’t introduced your families to geocaching you may be missing out on some great shared memories.

    Happy Mothers Day!!!

  2. Your mom is awesome! It looks like you two have a lot of fun together. I actually hide the fact that I geocache from my mom. She would probably freak out about how “dangerous” it is. Haha! You are very lucky.

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