What Geocachers say vs. What they might actually mean | The Geocaching Junkie

I’m not saying geocachers are not honest and upstanding members of society but we can be super-competitive whilst simultaneously too proud to admit it! We have also been known to hide the true extent of our geocaching addiction to muggle friends and relatives, simply because they just don’t get it. All this means we don’t always express exactly what we actually mean, so here’s a handy guide to what a geocacher might be really trying to tell you…

1. What they say: I’m going to grab a cache, back in 10 minutes!

What they might mean: There’s a loop of 15 caches where I’m headed and I will find it very difficult to just look for one, so realistically I won’t be back for at least three hours.

What geocachers say versus what they really mean | The Geocaching Junkie

2. What they say: Quick easy find.

What they might mean: I spent 45 minutes at GZ, cut my hands on some thorns, stepped in dog poop before eventually finding the stupid cache, and now I don’t want to talk about.

3. What they say: Well done to Eftie F. Hound for bagging the FTF; I just missed out by 3 minutes – I guess I’ll have to be quicker next time!

What they might mean: I’m so annoyed about being second that I’m very likely to have a tantrum as soon as I’m safely inside the house.

What geocachers say versus what they really mean | The Geocaching Junkie

4. What they say: There were a few spider webs surrounding the cache so I was hesitant to do a fingertip search.

What they might mean: I accidentally touched a spiderweb and screamed bloody murder for 5 minutes straight.

5. What they say: Wow, nano caches are so tiny and amazing!

What they might mean: I am new and still amazed at everything.

What geocachers say versus what they might actually mean | The Geocaching Junkie

6. What they say: Of course it doesn’t matter to me if you’ve found more caches – it’s not a competition!

What they might mean: Everything is a competition and I don’t like losing. Starts searching for flights to do the E.T. power trail.

7. What they say: These Lock & Locks will be so useful for storing food!

What they might mean: I’ve already decided where they’re going to be hidden and it will be in the woods, rather than the kitchen cupboards.

What geocachers say versus what they really mean | The Geocaching Junkie

8. What they say: I’m not sure if that resort is exactly what we need for our vacation.

What they might mean: I’ve checked the map and there is one solitary cache in a 20 mile radius. I will not waste my time off work in such a place.

9. What they say: This cache is just around the corner from my house but I was in a different town/state/country when it was published but it didn’t really bother me!

What they might mean: I will bore my friends’ ears off for years about that FTF that ‘should have been mine’.

10. What they say: I’m more of a quality over quantity geocacher myself.

What they might mean: Quality over quantity is important as long as I stay ahead of you.


11. What they say: GZ can get a bit muddy

What they might mean:

What geocachers say versus what they really mean | The Geocaching Junkie

12. What they say: I’m not addicted, I can quit anytime I want.

What they might mean: Just kidding, I’m already thinking about my next cache.


Have I forgotten any? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Caching!


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11 thoughts on “What Geocachers say vs. What they might actually mean | The Geocaching Junkie

  1. When the descriptor reads ‘Quick park & grab for the newbies’
    What they really saying is ‘ I don’t care about any non-finding aspect of the game, and here is my throw down now let me move on to my next find.

  2. “Oh, I need a restroom and a stretching of my legs..we have driven so long“
    What I mean:
    Okay, we go on vacation together and we have to drive several hours….but the next motorway parking is in a new district and it has a cache. And there are 5 more new districts on our way…..

  3. “that was never a 5/5!, piece of cake” = “I daren’t tell you I had to phone mountain rescue to come get me and that broken leg will heal in no time I’m sure”

  4. “TFTC!” = “I really don’t appreciate the amount of time you spent setting up this listing, reading logs, going out on maintenance visits etc etc, in fact I probably wasn’t even there at all so can’t really describe the experience at all”

  5. “Great Earthcache, will send answers later when I have a connection” = “I’m never going to send those answers, even though I managed to log the EC out in the field meaning I could also have sent the answers, but thanks for a quick and easy smiley face to add to my total”

  6. Sarah, if someone were planning to do the ET Trail, they would most likely fly to Las Vegas as the trail is in Nevada. Been there. Done that. Not all in one trip.

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