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You might remember in August, teamed up with Wizards of the Coast, makers of the popular card game, Magic: The Gathering to put together an excellent trackable giveaway. Little did we know at that time that there would be even more free trackable goodness to come!

Magic: The Gathering – What Is It?

In case you weren’t a geocacher back in August, or you missed the social media chatter about the previous promotion, and you’re wondering what the heck Magic: The Gathering even is, here’s the lowdown! Magic: The Gathering (MTG) was the first ever trading card game and has about twenty million players all over the globe.

Win a Magic: The Gathering trackable tag with The Geocaching Junkie!

To launch the new Ixalan expansion pack, MTG teamed up with Geocaching to help spread the word in the form of a trackable giveaway. The collaboration was a success, so with another expansion pack, Rivals of Ixalan, set to be released in January 2018, a new promotion has been created.

This time, there are four different tags up for grabs, each representing four different Rivals of Ixalan. The four ‘tribes’ will compete in a global trackable race.

Photo courtesy of Geocaching

How Do I Get a Tag?

There are 1,500 trackables up for grabs for geocachers around the globe once again. To be in with a chance of getting one from, you can enter your details in to this web form before Friday (1st December).

I have been given a number of trackables to distribute, and as a reader of my blog, you have a chance to win one! Here’s how to be in with a chance of winning:

  1. Go to my Facebook page and find the pinned post there about the Magic: The Gathering giveaway (see the picture you’re looking for below). Then like and comment, telling me what goal you would give your TB if you win OR,
  2. Comment on this blog post, telling me the goal you would choose for your TB. Please ensure you include your geocaching name if you choose to comment here, so I can contact you if you win!

You have until Friday 8th December at midnight (GMT) to win a Rivals of Ixalan trackable. I will randomly choose the winners from everyone who has followed the above steps, using the iOS app, Pretty Random. I’ll announce the winners on my Facebook page on Sunday 10th December (I’ll also contact the winners individually).

Good luck and happy caching!


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*Note: I have not been paid for this promotion, but have been gifted a number of trackable tags to distribute 

16 thoughts on “More MAGIC Words: Geocaching Trackable Giveaway! | The Geocaching Junkie

  1. We would probably set a goal related to Dinosaurs – travel to as many Dinosaur-related places as possible – museums with bones and/or eggs, coasts where fossils have been found, parks with statues, etc.

  2. This year, we walked from Sandhurst (Berkshire) to Sandhurst (Kent), caching as we went, and recording our progress as we went using a trackable.

    Next year, we plan to walk from Sandhurst (Gloucestershire) home to Sandhurst (Berkshire) and we would like to record our progress there, too!


  3. wife2mitch58d. I would LOVE to see this travel some place other than Canada. Nothing against Canada just everything I have sent off usually ends up there. I would love for it to travel more places and let my daughter follow it and learn cool places from it traveling.

  4. geocache user bar-brat

    I would love to have one hit up all the National Parks in the US and share its’ adventures along the way.

  5. Brian Lang I’d give it a goal of visiting the kinds of places found in adventure games – castles, dragon caves, dungeons, etc…. Those exist in the real world, right? 🙂

    My geocaching name is brilang

  6. User Alexi567
    This is for my little sister Alex I. She has always wanted her own trackable, but had never gotten one. I convinced her to get her own account with my parents permission. He said she always wanted a traceable because in her own words” they are cute” and “it’s so cool” lol. The goal for hers would be to collect many miles and help the dragons win!

  7. from “LiTTLE-LEGGS”
    I love TB’s and I love others to Love them to , too many cache’s don’t and just quickly forget they have them ,
    so they stay in their pockets, bottom of there caching bags and don’t get logged in or out and just get forgotten , so so many are missing in action , wrongly listed as being cache’s when there not ………….

    so please please , make the humble TB’s a bigger part of the game ,

    martin in sunny somerset

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