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Playing games is a long Christmas tradition in my family. Despite the fact that almost every member of the family is absurdly competitive, which inevitably leads to arguments, tantrums and even the occasional flipping of a game board (it wasn’t me, honest), playing games together is something we all enjoy and look back on fondly, not just at Christmas but all year round.

If you have a family of geocachers, a group of geocaching friends, or if you’re hosting a geo-event, I’ve put a geocaching spin on some classic games to get the party started!

1. Two Truths & a Lie 

A very simple game that requires only a piece of paper and a pen. One player states two truths and one lie about their geocaching habits and the other players must try to guess which is the lie. Topics can include:

  • Names of geocaches you have found – obviously, the funnier the better! For example, my three could be: Skinny Bird, Squirrilicious, Double D Cup (the first one is a lie!)
  • Things you have done in pursuit of the cache – For example, mine could be: Climbed a ladder at the side of the motorway, climbed over the wall in to a graveyard at night, fell out of a tree (the last one is a lie!)

2. Cache & Spoon Races

This one is best played outdoors unless you have a really big room! The premise is simple: instead of an egg & spoon, you use a film canister and a spoon to race towards a finish line. We played this at one of my events a couple of years ago and it was great fun!

3. Geocacher Bingo

Another game I have played at one of my geocaching events in the past is Geocacher Bingo. The idea is to mingle with other geocachers, ask them which of the listed things applies to them and write their name (or initials) in each applicable square. When you have a signature in each box in a line, you can call ‘bingo’! It’s a great way to get attendees to rub shoulders with one another and really get to know each other. You can use my template, or make up your own, with perhaps a more local twist, including reference to specific caches (click on the image to download the printable version of my bingo card).

4. Storytellers 

All you need for this one is some sentences to start off your stories. Players should sit/stand in a circle and spontaneously come up with a sentence as its their turn. You can have people make up the starting sentences, although it’s sometimes easier to have some ready, as people can get stuck when under pressure. Here’s an example to inspire you:

Dave: On a cold December night, a new geocache was published…. 

Jane: …. in the middle of the woods…

Kate:  … where an escaped hippopotamus had recently been spotted… 

You get the idea!

5. Cache Guessing Game 

This can be played a couple of different ways. Either you can get a large cache container and fill it with geocaching related stuff (geocoins, logbook, pen etc), and players need to put their hand in the cache and name all the contents. Alternatively, you can get a large bag and put all different types of caches inside and players need to guess what caches are in there. For example, you could include a bison tube, fake rock, nano, decon – the limit is only your imagination!

How Tough is my Geocache?

6. Geocaching Pub Quiz 

There’s nothing I love more than a good pub quiz! A pub quiz is basically a team trivia quiz that involves drinking alcohol. You can make it more family friendly by just having a plain old trivia quiz, of course. I have come up with some questions to help you along (you can download a pdf document of all the questions by clicking on the image below).

What party games have you put a geocaching twist on? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Happy Caching!


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