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It goes without saying that you should always have a writing implement with you when you go geocaching. However, there are other TOTT (tools of the trade) that are not only useful, but can be the difference between getting your name on the log or walking away with a DNF. Here are 7 tools that I can’t live without when I’m out geocaching: some may seem obvious (particularly to seasoned cachers), but if you don’t have these in your geo-bag, you might consider adding them to your kit! You never know, they may come in handy some day.

1. Tweezers

This one is just a no-brainer and, besides a pen, it’s is the one thing I would always recommend carrying when you’re geocaching.

2. Grabber

Excellent for doing your bit for the CITO initiative, but equally as good at retrieving those hard to reach caches. We recently came across a small cache that had fallen out of its camo bag on to the ground and rolled away, just out of reach behind a metal railing. We used a grabber to retrieve it with ease!

3. Extendable magnet

Particularly useful for those shorter-in-stature geocachers like myself, I have often used my telescopic magnet to retrieve and replace micro or nano caches up high.

4. Headlamp

Obviously a must-have if you’re planning to night cache, or walk through a tunnel for a find, but a good headlamp can assist with a search in a dimly lit wood or forest too.

5. Telescopic Mirror

Sometimes taking video with your phone on the other side of a railing or guardrail works, but other times, you need a bit more reach, so a telescopic mirror can be a very handy piece of kit.

6. Hiking Poles

Since I’m embarrassingly prone to falling/tripping/slipping/landing on my backside when out geocaching, hiking poles have been my saviour on many occasions. When I’m not utilising them for their intended use, I employ them as a poking device when faced with a particularly thorny/smelly/scary GZ!

7. Touchscreen Gloves

First of all, gloves in general are a good idea to ensure your hands don’t touch any disgusting. Touchscreen gloves mean that you’ll rarely have to remove them when you’re navigating to the next cache, or even logging a find.

Bonus TOTT for the vertically challenged (like me!): Children’s Step Stool

People may scoff when they see my little plastic step stool in the boot of my car, but I can tell you now, if you don’t mind weird stares from muggles (and let’s face it, in this game you have to not mind), then a small step stool can be the difference between a find and a DNF. I once went for an FTF and it was above my reach; was I going to leave an FTF opportunity because I’m 5 foot 4? No way! Out came my stool and I soon had my name in the fresh logbook 🙂
What TOTT do you always have with you? Am I missing something from my kit? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Caching!


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5 thoughts on “7 Tools I Can’t Go Geocaching Without | The Geocaching Junkie

  1. Hi Sarah,

    same for me, plus I always have my UV lamp, spare batteries and 30cm thin cord with me, in case I need to build something. Also, I had once a Multi where I needed a bag with 10grams of rice… well, never took it out and so this little bag is going with me ever since 🙂

    Best wishes,

  2. I don’t have the mirror, but do have an extendable magnet (the handle end came in useful when caching in the snow before Christmas); also a mini toolkit, first aid kit, spare AA batteries, several pens and a notebook for writing down multi-cache info and Earthcache/Virtual answers! The blog is great and I keep coming back to it!

    1. Thanks Neal! I used to have a notebook but I tend to put everything in the phone now. Sometimes tricky when switching between two screens I have to admit though.

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