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Once you’ve got a good handle on the basics of geocaching and the initial elation of simply finding a cache – any cache – subsides somewhat, many cachers seek out ways to challenge themselves to keep the game interesting. This can be a personal target you set yourself or can involve working towards a particular challenge cache. At the moment, many geocachers are taking part in a different type of challenge set out by Geocaching HQ: Planetary Pursuits.

I started working on this challenge the day it went live: the combination of it being a public holiday and thus a day off work and the lure of 10 souvenirs was too much for me to ignore, so I had to at least attempt it! After successfully managing to get 110 points on the board that day, and being fleetingly delighted to have earned 6 out of 10 available souvenirs, I had a moment of fear and then sadness that I probably perhaps won’t be able to get to 500 by April 8th. This got me thinking about the roller coaster of emotions that attempting geocaching challenges can be…

1. Excitement 

Yes! I am so excited to do this challenge! Finally something to really work towards. It won’t be easy, that’s for sure, but it will feel so amazing if/when I can achieve it!

2. Doubt

Now that I’m looking at the requirements again though, can I honestly do this? How will I have the time? What if I need to travel to complete some elements? I don’t think I can do it.

3. Fear 

I’m definitely not going to be able to do this. Why did I even start?

4. Anger 

Why do they make these challenges so difficult anyway? It’s outrageous! And another thing: why am I so worried about actually doing the challenge when there are people out there armchair logging and throwing caches down to complete it?!

5. Sadness 

I’m not going to finish this challenge. I am a crap geocacher.

6. Surprise 

Hold on…. if I just go on that trail of caches and climb that mountain, maybe I will finish this challenge, if I can find all the caches on my list. Maybe it’s not as out of reach as I thought it was!

7. Joy 

Yes! I’ve done it! I can’t believe it but I’ve done it! I have achieved what I thought was nigh-on impossible! Now, what’s the next challenge?

How do you feel about challenges and what are you working on right now?

Happy Caching!


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  1. A number of years ago we set out the goal to find ten caches in each of the calendar days. Once we reached that goal, we placed the Ironcacher Challenge. It doesn’t meet the current much stricter guidelines for challenges, but the grandfathered cache is still active and is a popular goal for many of the local cachers. With harsh winters it has proven elusive to many. We reached twenty-five finds in each calendar day this year and have set a goal of thirty finds per calendar day for 2018. I like this because it forces us to find a way to get out even when the weather may not be perfect.

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