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It feels like only yesterday we were making the long – and sometimes arduous – trek through the solar system in pursuit of planets, but the new souvenir promotion from has just been announced and it’s only around the corner, so it’s time to start making a new plan!

What’s the Theme and When Do We Play?

Instead of pursuing planets, we’ll soon be looking for Hidden Creatures, ranging from fairies and trolls to unicorns and dragons. There are thirteen mythical creature souvenirs up for grabs between 27th June and 25th July, so you’ve got four weeks to uncover them all.

How Do We Earn the Souvenirs? 

There shouldn’t be any confusion about how to earn souvenirs on this promotion, because 1 cache equals 1 point. To nab all 13 souvenirs, you need to earn 100 points. In other words, you need to find 100 geocaches between 27th June and 25th July (lab caches also count as 1 point each!). Attending events (including Mega, Giga and CITO events) will also earn you 1 point. Finding 1 cache will earn you the Bigfoot souvenir, and another 2 will earn you the fairy, and so on as the points are accumulated to get to the top souvenir, the World Turtle.

The Geocaching® App

If you use the official Geocaching® App, you can track your progress during the promotion right from the app. Click on the ‘profile’ tab and ‘Hidden Creatures’ will show your progression. Right now, the page is showing a countdown and also shows greyed out souvenirs.

The Friend League won’t be used at all this time around, but have assured us it will make a reappearance for future promotions.

Sounds easy, right? Well, I’ll be in my 8th month of pregnancy so I don’t have very high hopes for getting to 100 points, but I hope to add a few souvenirs to my profile! Which hidden creature are you most looking forward to discovering?

Happy Caching!


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9 thoughts on “Hidden Creatures Souvenirs Explained | The Geocaching Junkie

  1. Sarah – For you someone should set up an event a day during the find period. That would get you about 30 points! You’re a treasure to us anonymous Geocachers out here. We love your blog and have introduced others to it. Happy rest-of-pregnancy…stay healthy!

  2. Thanks for the easy to understand explanation of the upcoming promo. Yes, good luck with the final stages of your pregnancy.

  3. Thanks for that explanation.
    You need your local cachers to take you on some drive-by power trails at the end of June
    Good Luck with both the pregnancy and finding some hidden creatures

  4. I doubt I’ll get a lot of these. I’l be in Ukraine when the promotion starts, so I won’t have a lot of time for finding caches, and there’ll only have a week and a half left when I return to Canada.

  5. Thanks for the explanation. This is way easier than trying to figure it out from the geocaching website. 100 is a lot even for a non-pregnant person! Good luck to you.

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