100 days of real food coleslaw

Any ideas anyone?This would go really well as a side to your Asian Lettuce Wraps recipe in your 100 Days of Real Food book!May I ask what brand of Soy Sauce you use??

This one doesn’t include flour or sugar, but does include melted butter, so even though lighter, it isn’t dry. Use your favorite recipe for refrigerator veggies- cider vinegar, sea salt, blk.

It was fun to make it in a cast iron skillet instead of a pan. Placed all ingredients in slow cooker as directed, turned to high at 8 PM, and it was finished at 7 AM.

We liked the cilantro and lime flavors added into the cabbage as well as the sour cream instead of mayo.

So when I recently decided I’d like to try making a “real food” coleslaw dish, I looked at the green and purple cabbages in the produce section of the supermarket and thought 2 heads of cabbage was an awful lot to buy (and chop up) for one small colorful dish of coleslaw.

What a time saver (and a more appropriate amount of food)!And these radishes that are cut into little matchsticks aren’t just limited to coleslaw…they could add a little spice and color to so many dishes! Tasted even better second night. Love cole slaw and have been looking for a recipe without mayonnaise. 1/4 cup sour cream. I used my Le Creuset cast iron skillet, and it worked well.

I added sour cream, Monterey jack cheese, and avocado slices for toppings. Like most people who often cook from scratch, I have gotten used to peeling and chopping all my own vegetables, making my own dough, and – not to be overlooked – doing lots of dishes! Finally, they are sticky. DIRECTIONS.

(without the bacon!)Wonderful! Combine cabbage, apples, and carrots in a large bowl. Leake’s popular blog, 100 Days of Real Food, began as an account of her family’s experiment with ditching all processed food for 100 days. pepper, sweeten with honey to tas, add asian spice mix, pour over slaw& veggies Mix well and spoon into a GLASS jar I use a gallon one. It needs something like an ounce or two of blue cheese or pesto swirled on top to jazz it up. This is the first dried black bean soup recipe I’ve tried that cooked the beans without having to first soak, and also the first dried bean recipe that required so little effort that it will probably be the only one I use from now on.

- unless called for in significant quantity.Refreshing taste twist on coleslaw. Served the slaw with pulled pork tacos in the same cookbook.

Enjoy!And these radishes that are cut into little matchsticks aren’t just limited to coleslaw…they could add a little spice and color to so many dishes!

Whisk together mayonnaise and next 6 ingredients; toss with cabbage mixture. The bell pepper provides a pleasant crunch. This is a great make ahead company meal.This is indeed quick to make, but it’s bland.

Everything made for a wonderful ethnic meal. The chosen title for these is interesting because peppermint extract and cocoa powder are the smallest parts of the ingredients.

https://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-classic-creamy-coleslaw-recipe-221093 Consider them for green salads, sandwiches, salsas, and more. Served with black bean soup from the same cookbook.

I am so used to not being able to buy “convenience” food anymore that it didn’t even dawn on me to buy these ingredients pre-cut and ready to go.

I would cut back the soy perhaps to 2- 1 1/2 TBSP and increase the vinegar. I didn’t have a jalapeño pepper, so I shook a few drops of tobasco sauce in the mix, and it provided just the right amount of kick.

I can throw in a bunch of peas and mix up the cheeses to expose her to tastes that are just new enough but overall still kid-ish enough for her to eat. I used 1.06 pounds of (85 percent) hamburger, and rolled 15 balls- made three and a half servings.

Very refreshing salad. 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar.

The fresh lemon juice, apple slices, and yogurt give the cabbage a light citrus flavor.

Loved this recipe that will now be in our rotation.

As promised, very easy and fast. salt , to taste.

Today I am excited to share this tangy recipe that incorporates a delicious Asian dressing that would honestly be great on any salad. Which I guess is the entire purpose of this book, so the authors really accomplished their goal.

The truffles do have a nice, mild peppermint flavor but the main ingredients are dates and almonds, so the chocolate takes a secondary role. Made four adult size entree servings.

Tasty! Kind of reminiscent of bean with bacon soup Cooked at 375 for 40 minutes instead of 425 ( 25-30 minutes) so I could bake squash at same time. The coating of flour and spices on fish chunks enhanced the fish and created a crisp exterior.

You can keep this in your frig for weeks- it won’t last that lokg- LOL When you want stir fry, asian slaw what ever, drain several cups veggies-pour juice back in jar you may want to rinse lightly so vinegar isn’t too strong. The pico de Gallo was pretty ho hum. https://www.100daysofrealfood.com/recipe-asian-coleslaw-radish-ministicks They come in a resealable bag to help keep them fresh and are starting to appear at some WalMart stores, so be on the look out. Take what you have left (chopped fine)- using a glass or nonreactive metal bow to hold veggies (experiament!)

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