13 zodiac signs and traits

They tend to be very candid and honest and feel obliged to be forthright and tell it like they see it.

The position of modern Astrology is therefore very difficult as a discipline for describing a greedy, concerning its self-awareness, being.
For the Ophiuchus, trust and honesty is very important, and so any form of deception from a partner can effectively end the Ophiuchus person’s trust in them forever.Determined and self-confident, Ophiuchus people are inclined to confront challenges rather than avoid them. They are inquisitive and independent thinkers willing to challenge and question everything.

They are also bound to be lucky in romance and have little trouble attracting partners. It’s always been there, but the ancient Babylonians who developed the Zodiac apparently left it out so there would be an equal number of signs for the 12 months.The Ophiuchus dates span from November 29 to December 17. They are not easily perturbed or thrown off their game by problems and setbacks or crisis situations. Pisces 13 Born from 11/12 March to 18/19 of April (the date changes slightly depending on the year, see the tables on the left menu for more accuracy) Aries 13 Born from 18/19 April to 13/14 May. Ophiuchus people are seekers of truth and they enjoy sharing the fruits of their discoveries and insights for the enlightenment of others. They are prone to abandoning relationships and situations out of boredom.People born under the sign of Ophiuchus speak their minds and seem to have a lot to say about everything.
More information on how one can deal with the subject, can be found in my book "Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac". Let us make our position clear, the 13 Zodiac Signs describe some of our general characteristics, it is impossible to fit in a few lines of text our psychology, talents, selfishness and our dreams. This task is mentaly impossible. Ophiuchus is referred as the 13th Zodiac sign, however it does not follow after Pisces (the 12th sign) in the zodiac circle. They know how to put a smile on other people’s face and poke fun at others in a non-mean spirited way. Whether they want to be or not, the Ophiuchus person is often well suited for leadership and positions of management. Ophiuchus people tend to maintain a certain detachment that can make them appear callous or uncaring.

Here are 8 characteristics to know about the Ophiuchus personality.These individuals are skeptics and independent thinkers who tend to doubt and question everything. Being rather restless and eager to get what they want, they can grow quickly irritated by slow moving processes. Gemini 13 Born from 20/21 of June to … Although they are not particularly rebellious, their sense of logic may compel them to flout policies that they think are stupid.When it comes to handling important matters and tasks, Ophiuchus is described as being very responsible and reliable. It is not clear what planets, modality or element Ophiuchus belongs to but its attributes suggest a blend of Air and Fire. Although they have the ability to make light of many situations, Ophiuchus people can occasionally lose patience with oppositional people.

More information on how one can deal with the subject, can be found in my book "Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac".

In their relationships, they can frustrate their partners by being too frivolous in how they express their feelings. Only approximately and gnostically searching can we act, and this is what we will do starting with the description of the 13 Zodiac Signs. However, in most areas of their life, they can be prone to excesses and immoderate indulgences.

This is part of what makes them good leaders and others are often compelled to seek advice and guidance from them.

The 13th Zodiac Sign: 8 Traits of the Ophiuchus personality Ophiuchus is referred as the 13th Zodiac sign, however it does not follow after Pisces (the 12th sign) in the zodiac circle. Their passion and drive makes them magnetic in many ways and encourages the universe to reward them generously. Ophiuchus is actually a constellation that sits between Scorpio and Sagittarius. They show themselves to be quite trustworthy in the workplace and will often ingender the good favor of their bosses. In ancient mythology, snakes have been used as a symbol for healing and medicine such as in Hermes’ caduceus staff which was a winged rod with two serpents entwined around it.So what are the personality traits of Ophiuchus? Each single person is different and the only way to make a personalized astrological portrait is the Natal Horoscope containing the positions and aspects of the Sun, the main planets and the New Ascendant, the Moon. They are generally workaholics who put a lot of energy and effort into furthering their careers and goals. But again in your Natal Horoscope you may only find some of your features and many more potentialities that can be realized, or not. Ophiuchus places the pursuit of truth and wisdom high in importance.The Ophiuchus person is an advocate for free speech and self expression.

They challenge others to think critically and for themselves rather than blindly accept what they are told. Also referred as “Serpentius”, the name Ophiuchus means “serpent bearer”.

They enjoy conducting research and enriching themselves with knowledge. Because they are quite confident, they are willing to take certain risks that generally work out well for them. Taurus 13 Born from 13/14 May to 20/21 June. Ophiuchus is described as a truth seeker, philosopher, healer and light-bearer. Still, their playful attitude often makes them fun and exciting companions.Ophiuchus people seem to attract good luck, due to their positive outlook and progressive attitude. Their principles and personal philosophies are very rational and consistent. They will listen to what others have to say but will ultimately draw their own conclusions. The Ophiuchus constellation has also been linked to Nirah, the half-human half serpent god, and Apollo. Education is important to them and they are effective teachers with a youthful energy and style that resonates well with young people.

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