2011 west wight potter 19

Fresh Water System with Deck FillBuilt-in 36 Qt. Tom Lochhaas is an experienced sailor who has developed several boating safety books with the American Red Cross and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Even to raise the mainsail without the halyard routed aft, a tall sailor can stand inside the cabin on the side berths just behind the mast and easily pull up the main and cleat off the halyard. The West Wight Potter 19, like its smaller sister the 15, has been a popular pocket cruiser sailboat for over three decades. Sail slugs attached to the boltrope are advised and make this a one-handed operation that takes only seconds. A mast-raising system allows for one-person rigging if desired. Inspired by an original design in the U.K., it is now built by International Marine in California. Its four berths are all almost 6 and a half feet long, and there is good storage underneath. Still, it would be a rare foursome that would cruise more than a night or so. The West Wight Potter 19, like its smaller sister the 15, has been a popular pocket cruiser sailboat for over three decades. Over-all length and height on the standard or Baja trailer allows the Potter 19 to be parked in a typical garage. The following comes standard with a new Potter 19 in the select package. The design was originally marketed by the manufacturer as the HMS 18. For Futher information, Please contact Ken Lange for questions and help with Potter Parts and insights.The New Malbec 18 is currently in Production at our new facility in Oxnard Ca  She has won the accolades by the major Sailing MagazinesLook foward to being of help in your pursuit of sailing adventures Click on your boat and go to the Potter Parts Store. Inspired by an original design in the U.K., it is now built by International Marine in California. As a result Potter 19 Potter 15 and Sanibel and Voyager 20 will no longer be available for domestic production. If you’re thinking about a trailerable sailboat like the Potter 19, remember that one of the great advantages is the ability to easily take it to other sailing destinations, such as heading to the Florida Keys in the winter. Most Potter 19s can be rigged and launched in 45 minutes or less with no special skill or strength. These sailboats are easy to rig and launch, and can be parked and stored in a typical garage.The Factory Producing Potters has moved overseas. A cooler can be slid under and behind the companionway steps, for example, if your boat lacks the built-in cooler. (There is not a through-hull drain, however: you carry off or dump your "gray water" from its reservoir bag.) Only in the water six times all fresh water. A number of improvements have been made over the years, while the boats still retain the original look and have attracted a large, dedicated group of followers. The Parts of the Boat Under full sail with a genoa, the boat may begin to heel excessively with the wind over about 12 knots, but the main is easily The single-burner butane stove works well for one-pot meals, and the sink is handy for limited use. The relatively heavy drop keel, unlike the lighter centerboards of many trailerable sailboats, provides good, deep ballast for increased stability. Although cruising on any small sailboat tends more toward camping than the luxury of walk-around space as on a larger cruising boat, the Potter 19 is more comfortable than others its size. Of the wide variety of small trailerable sailboats on the market, the Potter 19 better meets the needs of owners who want to do some cruising than almost others, which at this length are typically designed more for daysailing than overnighting. Many owners have been quite creative in arranging storage bins and otherwise making use of the available space. The deck-stepped, hinged mast can be raised by one person with the mast-raising system, or two without, making it a simple matter of less than an hour's work to do everything before launching. Named for their length, both models offer a spacious cabin with comfortable berths. Its hard-chine hull offers good stability and has a high West Wight Potter has two trailerable sailboat models – the 15 and the 19. The trade-off, the one disadvantage when sailing, is that the boat pounds its nearly flat hull when sailing into waves or the wakes of other boats. Because it is a small, lightweight boat, the Potter 19 is easy to trailer without a special vehicle. The West Wight Potter 19 is an American trailerable sailboat that was designed by Herb Stewart as a cruiser and first built in 1971.. Stewart developed the boat from the West Wight Potter 14, a British design he had bought the US rights to.

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