2021 ibis ripley

The travel, stiffness, lightness, etc - keep the bike more on edge which is rewarding to ride on regular trails. "IMO that's the biggest catch with the current crop of trailbikes. 66.5° Some lighter riders may prefer the standard tune if any of these describe your riding:Fox, or an authorized Fox service center can revalve your shock for you if you want to go with a different tune. Many trail bikes blur the line into AM and in doing so take some of the fun away. 25.9 Hopping back onto another drivetrain, it's kind of shocking how slow and loud things get unless you back all the way off your pedals. My only concern would be efficiency for climbing, which seems to be echoed by the current best climbing bikes not having most extremely modern geometry. 4.9

The long front end, slack head angle, and short rear end gives you the con­fi­dence to try new lines, while the steep seat tube angle and short­er off­set fork makes it easy to maneu­ver tech­ni­cal climbs and flowy singletrack.We use names like small, medi­um, and large to describe our siz­ing because it’s easy to under­stand, but our ultra low stan­dovers and clear­ance for long drop­pers give you the abil­i­ty to size based on reach.Some­times, short­er is bet­ter.

As long as you can keep your body moving in time to react to the trail, the bike will make you extremely happy.

We have a New 2021 Ibis Ripley in Blue Steel, Size Large GX build with Industry 9 Hydro hubs and S35 carbon wheels for Sale, $6600.00 Sorry for the lousy pic as the bike is still in the box.

This bike would be the perfect second bike to my 20-something self that rode a DH bike all the time. This is a light bike that climbs quickly. 114 Or, throw on a 140mm fork and burly tires to build a lightweight enduro bike.Over the past year, we’ve been manufacturing the size small Ripley V3 in our Santa Cruz, CA headquarters. In the span of 3-4 rides, my lower mains seized entirely and had to be flushed/freed. 432 4.5

But my old self started looking for ways to take the edge off. To identify the light tune, find the four digit code on the shock. 630 I was in a similar position a few months back. Modern sizing and angles make for the most capable Ripley ever. 45.2 1207


I've opened up some that were full of grease and remained smooth for months, but mine looked like someone swiped their finger through some grease and through the bearing, then sealed it, because there was only grease on maybe 20% of the diameter of the bearing. 19.7 46.4 And you had no problems of collision with the rocker/seattube/tire interface?sorry if I am a bit daft but I dont quite follow the comments re shifting. This service involves taking apart the shim stack, so Fox can revalve your suspension to the new tune when performing that service. 66.5° There's a bit of free play that feels a bit sloppy to me.

Then you know what being "absolutely worked" feels like.

In the process, we’ve significantly reduced the frame weight and increased stiffness.Our stock build comes with a 130mm fork but you could pair it with a 120mm stepcast fork to create a BC Bike Race weapon. I thought Yeti's SB130 platform was a considerably better balance of pedaling performance and responsiveness, though was ultimately smitten by the Trance 29's combination of lively handling and smooth ride for my local (bumpy, but not super gnarly) terrain.I guess I'll have to work my way up to this bike. Some of the most fun I've had is on short travel bikes riding big chunk on South Mountain (looking at you Banshee Phantom and the new Giant Trance).

First, the bearings themselves seem real inconsistent in quality.

The Ripley just deserves way more capable suspension units (Ibis, do you read me? 18.7 I always enjoy your reviews Dave.Steep seat angles are a bit of trade-off though, as it shortens your seated reach considerably.I agree, but I personally prefer a bit more reach and a bit less seat-to-bars distance.I got a Ripley V4, when it first came out.

Didn't care for that bike and was ready to return to Ibis. The standard codes are DXBC, DWSL and DWRC.Nearly everyone under 160 pounds should use the light tune. 24.1 Wouldn't it be great if we could leave it there?I'm not the most enthusiastic climber, but lately I find I am climbing at a faster clip than usual.

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