4 seater dining table size in feet

Measure the length and width of your dining space. You could opt for a diameter of 4ft, although it will be a tighter squeeze to get into the table on two sides.You could fit a rectangle table of around 4ft long x 2.6–3ft wide, which seats around 4 people.

Our space is 173″ x 120″ with the short side open to the kitchen. Both widths are comfortable for your room size.The thing you might reconsider is opting for a longer table. The result is the maximum recommended size for your dining table. Found a 60” round table i love with 4 fully upholstered chairs. excluding head and table settings), the minimum area would be 48 inches long by 36 inches wide (122 x 76cm). The general standard you’ll come across, though, will be around 78 inches long by 36 inches wide for a eight-seater rectangle dining table size.With a table of 96 x 29 inches (8ft x 2’6″; 244cm x 76cm), four diners can fit along each side, although you would need at least 103 x 36 inches (8’6″ x 3ft; 259 x 91cm) if you wanted to sit three side-by-side and two diners at each end.
You could try a rectangle table with three seats on each side, and try squeezing two seats on either end when needed, but it would be a very tight fit and not comfortable.I have a 15′ x 10’9″ dining room and I have the options of two different tables:If you want more room to put food in between plate settings, opt for the wider table (48 inches).

If you had a plain, rectangular ballroom, using rectangular tables would require less space to seat the same amount of people.I have a 9.5’ x10’ nook surrounded by windows. They are meant to be guidelines for space, distances and height. The issue comes to light if you buy chairs independently from the table such as having an antique table and then buying chairs that are slightly too tall (seat-wise).One final dimension to consider is distance in between the chairs and from chair to end of the table. Wider chairs help create more space, but may restrict the number of people that can be accommodated.Proper Dining Room Size & Table Dimensions for 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 People (Charts) are the proper dining room sizes by table dimensions? You can even use dining benches to squeeze a few more people around your table. I have a “nook” off of the kitchen in my new house that I’m planning on making our dining area. Since it’s much easier to buy a new table than renovate the dining space, most people will opt to get a narrower table… unless you’re undergoing a major renovation anyway.Another important dimension is the height from chair seat to table top. Thanks!A table with a length of 8ft–9ft would fit in the room, and you generally wouldn’t want more than 2.5–3 ft width for a rectangle table. Going up to 60 inches (5ft; 152cm) will allow you to choose between four to six seats.The comfortable average to seat four is around 60 x 31 inches (152 x 79cm), although this rectangle dining table size could also squeeze six with the right table and chair designs.To fit four diners on two opposite sides (ie. Another option is to choose a table with fold-out leaves – ideal if you only host large groups occasionally – provided it still fits when expanded.When deciding between a square, rectangle or round dining table size, your choice should be proportional to the shape of the room but also the amount you want to seat. There needs to be sufficient dining space. Does this make sense for this space?It makes sense, although you will have just under the minimum space for getting in and out of the table (30 inches on all sides), so in some areas it will be a tighter squeeze to get into the table. What length table would you suggest?You can fit a table with a length of 6ft (or even a square or round table with the same diameter), giving you around 36 inches of moving space on either side. While the minimum round dining table size for four starts at 36 inches, a pedestal base works best to allow more room. © Parota Furniture S.A. de C.V. - All rights reserved. You will also have plenty of space to opt for a table width that allows a full plate setting and room to place food in the middle (40–50 inches).This is a super helpful post, thanks for all the information!I’m having a debate with my wife about what width table we should get.

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