50 cent wife shaniqua tompkins

Sometimes mattes work for me, sometimes they don't. When she was getting $25,000 a month in child support she wanted an increase than the judge lowered her child support. ?So true! Davis has been the target of social media attacks, … Craig Coyne How many of us have heard of our past ex-boyfriends when they were in love that they would take care of us until the end? “Get a f—ing job,” the “In Da Club” artist wrote in a since-deleted Instagram posted earlier this week. He’s an example for men to follow.Wrong!! Did she use God as a reference before she had a child out of wedlock?PBS perhaps...Flipper & Lassie, The Brady Bunch...I Love Lucy is ok too.People who lack critical thinking cause these shows are not real or interestingAnd your name is Iyanla.

Cyndee Brown & Wild Child are the proud parents of child dancer and actor, Miles Brown. !This will end badly.

People is on Community! Tompkins helped him get better after a murder attempt left him riddled with nine bullet injuries and a wired. Girl I would've had a chain of Burger Kings like Chris Brown, my condo would've been paid off. By JayBird 50 Cent, Custody, Legal Issues, Shaniqua Tompkins 50 Cent (or Fiddy, as I’ve been instructed to call him) is having some major legal problems lately. Father: Not known Mother: Sabrina Jackson My husband asked me why I never watch tv I said I don’t have time to watch other ppl live out their dreams, I’m way too busy doing what tf I want to do.I’m sad for you there’s no common sense or empathy ... it’s not about the mom ... his son needs himNo no no smile... we have to smile and learn and try to do better and be good to people how we can. Shaniqua began dating the hip-hop entrepreneur when he was still recognized as “Curtis Jackson”, he had issues with the police and had no job. “I own your life rights reality TV is a no go.

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Their 14-year-old is known for appearing on Lifetime’s Dance … Sharice Davids Lindsey the lunatic is back She’s doing an excellent job of that all by herself.Reality show lol... this is obviously a chick without a plan and not a smart one at that.

Tompkins, who is mother to Fiddy's oldest son, Marquise Jackson , tells TMZ she is … Curtis needs to be called out for the pig that he is, since it’s #MeToo season.To your point, networks don’t gaf about us. I hope she did more with her child support then get false eyelashes and hair weaves.She loved him just for him and he knows that. He expanded in the photos caption, “She went and got her body done, I thought she was doing real estate with that money.

He's scared, he's frightened. That was 50’s mansion and he let her and their son stay there. Again, nothing was mandated or court ordered for this arrangement (free mansion + $50k a month in child support). All I did was leave the relationship… You’re not going to bully me,” she said.50 Cent and Tompkins dated for several years in the ’90s and welcomed their son together, Marquis, in 1997. The boy’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins went to the press to reveal that 50 hasn’t made any efforts to maintain a relationship with the 17-year-old, and that his son feels replaced by his father’s one-year-old son, Sire Jackson.

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