Bestway pool sides bowing in

In most cases, the walls and floor of your pool feel slimy and slippery due to a lack of pool maintenance. When first filling the pool we had significant bowing, but as the water level went up, the sides started to "square-up". One plate is off about a half inch the rest are good.

As the wall is in danger of blowing down and damaging itself and/or the track and since it cannot be cut, these guys are in a time-sensitive pickle.

Oh and installing the liner in an egg is a challenge.I have a 27 ft above ground pool that I replaced the liner in. In the end, the oval-shaped pool will be up and hold water, but only after a lot of swearing and cutting and beers.Getting an above ground to its correct shape is important becauset it will make it last longer, but there’s a more important reason.

Nothing is precise so there are adjustable gaps in the connectors and the track doesn’t sit perfectly in them either. The best gravel for the job is a ¾” or smaller blue stone gravel that has been smoothed. The result is the track can easily become a shape other than what it is supposed to be.The other way a pool gets built out of shape is not a result of a lack of building ability, but because the pool is not precise. This allows the walls of the pool to remain firmly in place, so you don’t have to stress over the bulging pool walls that plagued you in the past. The pool diameter was perfect in all directions. With that, my advice is to take the liner out, remove your coving, then kick your wall to a good round shape.

We tried to fill it with water in hopes it would stop bowing but it hasn't.

I’ve read elsewhere on the internet that this can happen during fill up but am not sure if it will fix itself?I have a 28′ round pool and one side is sinking in the ground and the other side is leaning about 3 to 4″ is there a way to fix this or will it cave in time. It seems to pull too tightly on the longer diameter. At this point, it’s best for you to just continue to fill and see what happens. We are just putting up a intex 32' x 16' ultra frame rectangular pool. The leader in everything inflatable and above ground pools, we have a host of different innovative and fun products for you to choose from.

I think it's because the ground on one side is slightly softer and I only had a manual tamper.

Will this settle out? please suggest remedies. That should keep the liner in place when you refill.I just got my 12×24 oval pool professionally installed and as I was filling it up I noticed 3 of the posts are not straight, they are leaning sideways on the one end of the pool. also, the ground that you set the support arms on cannot have any give whatsoever after the pool begins to fill with water.

Can it be corrected?Just installed a 18×33 oval with buttresses but when we go to attach the stabilizers on top it appears the wall is to high how do we adjust the height of the wall so the stabilizers are level?My wall ends are not centered in bottom bracket do i have to take pool down again

This morning I noticed there is what appears to be a metal rod on one corner that runs to the bottom of the pool.

As the track expands, the wall will move outward with it. If you fall somewhere in the middle, then you should be OK.

Get it together and fill it up.

One thing we did learn was that when you start filling the pool the sides will start bowing in.

The problem is, we used styrofoam as a pool base, and so we don’t have much room to move the pool without actually tearing the liner, and poolcove down and cutting up the insulation floor, and we wouldn’t know how much to cut, and where exactly.

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