Cb360 top speed

Next was a CB160 that would top out at around 70 mph. With its reliable engine and dual Keihin carburetors, it became one of Honda's best-selling models. A fuel pump mod is a performance improvement these bike need to go over 95 realistically. 95 top speed and it was hard to maintain.

But I’d love to reunite you with your old bike. The engine easily has enough torque to drive it; and I commute 30 miles at 70-75mph everyday. The old 350 in actuality was only 325cc, with a 67mm bore, 50.6mm stroke; Honda enlarged the bore by 2mm and got the engine up to 356cc.Change is necessary. Sell or buy used bikes? Gearbox ratios are the same too, although the final drive ratio of the 350 is higher using a 2.250 as the final reduction in comparison with 2.375:1 on the CB250. Although I once hit 85 mph indicated on the bike, its happiest around 55 and even then my hands go numb after half an hour. It’s a perfect first bike. Yet with my modified bike, i struggle to reach 90, if i … My understanding of well known CB360 top end oiling problem is that it doesn't really show up except for extended high RPM use. I decided this is my very fist bike, alot of people come up to me, and say how they like the stretched bobbed look, so I'm gonna keep it forever as my first bike. The Honda CB350 is a 325.6 cubic centimetres (19.87 cu in) OHC parallel twin cylinder, four-stroke motorcycle produced by Honda for model years 1968 through 1973. The Honda CB360 is a twin cylinder four-stroke motorcycle produced by Honda from 1974 to 1976. (It will always be a project.....)It takes a lot more power to go from 90 to 100 MPH than it does to go from, say, 30 to 40 MPH, and little things become more significant. Ever tried. The Honda CB 360 model is a Custom / cruiser bike manufactured by Honda . Regardless of the spedo jumping around. JavaScript is disabled. Good for short jumps on the freeway but I don't think I would try to cross the country with it. The original stock bike had a top speed of 92 at about 9200 rpm. Click here to sell a used 1974 Honda CB 360 disc or advertise any other MC for sale.You can list all 1974 Honda CB 360 disc available and also sign up for e-mail notification when such bikes are advertised in the future. My bike came with a 2.25 ratio cause the po installed a 36 rear sprocket and kept the front 16. I’d love to find a proper home for mine but the people who have been interested in it seemed to brush aside my cautions. My father sold mine when I went into the army and was stationed in Korea. In this version sold from year 1974 , the dry weight is  and it is equiped with a Twin, four-stroke motor. Then Honda decided to retrograde the bike, coming out with the CJ360 model, which had no electric starter, drum brakes fore and aft and a 5-speed transmission. Speaking of tires, wider ones do nothing for top speed - but add weight. The I got the 18 which. Yet with my modified bike, i struggle to reach 90, if i even get there.

Also, short exhaust will reduce power and your carbs are little onersizr, but should be good for max rpm runs. I was lucky to get 105. The 356 cc engine was tuned for broad range torque, and drove the rear wheel through a six-speed gearbox. I'm still saying fuel flow in general. A product sells, sells well, but when there is competition any sensible capitalist knows that the R&D boys and girls had better earn their salaries. The two-into-two exhaust was changed to a less costly two-into-one running out the right side, and the centerstand was deleted. My issue with highway riding on this bike, is I weigh 150lbs, and the bike is small & lightweight itself. But I read some where the oil system can't keep up at 10,500 rpm so only good for a terribly short run. I hop on my 1975 Honda cb360 and see just how fast it can really go. Quite a lot, as it turned out.The 360 was no minor upgrade from the 350. That helped me get some extra power when I was tuning. Its not the bike for that, its for puttering 2 miles to a cafe.I found that going up to a 17-tooth countershaft sprocket on my CL360 helped the highway performance and vibration significantly. The line is more modern than the CB 350, the exhaust systems are identified for many. I did the 105 using what was there even after I freshed up the motor. Finally I got a 17 which brought me back to a stock gear ratio. I did a bunch of mods some work well together. Come join the discussion about restoration, performance, racing, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Would be the 2.00 ratio for me thinking I would "get more speed". Change them sprockets. The main reason why nobody isn't getting the advertised factory 102mph is the gas. Looking up trochoidal in the dictionary doesn’t help much, but it appears to be more or less a five-sided Wankel-type design.The tensioner on the rather long chain driving the single overhead camshaft had also been altered, as the previous roller-wheel design had often been over-tightened by inexperienced types, leading to disastrous endings. I wanted a fresh motor, so I did a huge while your in there list.

Also, the engine had been detuned in order to enhance the torque, so while the 350 boasted 36 horses at 10,000 rpm, the 360 was down to 34 at 9,000. These changes improve visibility a lot and bring the bike up to a more modern standard but the frame, suspension and tire options ultimately limit the performance – not much can be done for that without spending a lot more money than the bike will ever be worth. Try Again.

. I was running new tach and spedo. It generated 34 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and had a reported top speed of 102.5 mph. 2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Classic 114

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