Colloidal silver dog cancer

The question isn’t whether silver is safe for dogs—silver is an element that’s found everywhere in nature, even inside animal and human bodies—but what other ingredients are listed inside the bottle. Moreover, it works quickly. On top of this, even if colloidal silver improves your pet’s skin condition, serious skin conditions can point towards an underlying health problem.Self-treating your pooch at home could cause a possible underlying problem to go undiagnosed, which can cause even more issues.Because of this, it is always important to take your canine to the vet if they begin exhibiting strange behaviors or symptoms. The liquid can be dropped directly into the ears to help fight off bacteria and yeast. CANCER AND SILVER IONS.

They work quickly as well. Silver can cause discoloration of the skin and various mucous membranes it comes in contact with. Empowering pet parents to raise High Vibe, Healthy Pets We recommend that you go with about three drops into the infected eyes daily.We highly recommend that you use the colloidal solution mixed with his regular water. They need different medicines than we do. His doctor told him he would have to undergo the standard medical procedure for trying to stop this type of cancer, which is a process called …

View abstract. It’s a simple and easy way to treat that warm but squirming animal that doesn’t understand why it’s so important to treat minor cuts, wounds, burns, or bites.Using a spray treatment of colloidal silver is not only simple, but effective. Not seen any hard research for DMSO carrying this into cancer cells. They just suppress the immune system (which is only trying to do its job) until the next episode. It works most effectively through direct contact with the offending microbe for at least 5-6 minutes.

The CS may be given internally as well.Internally, colloidal silver works for healing stomach aches, coughs, flus, salmonella, E coli, cancer and more.Eye issues, including tear stains, pink eye, conjunctivitis and moreEczema and other chronic and autoimmune skin diseasesI have seen many websites out there recommending 3-5 drops of colloidal silver for dogs 3 times a day. When there is a situation that needs immediate attention, give higher doses and give them more frequently. Just like on human skin, some healthy organisms are there to keep your skin in balance.Colloidal silver is sold in a spray bottle. However, that’s not all. This includes any respiratory problems such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma. It can also help you prevent any future infections or diseases. Colloidal silver helps to prevent disease as well as build natural immunity.It’s the perfect way to boost your pup’s natural immunity safely, even build immunity in very young puppies and avoid the barrage of too many vaccines; and also as a natural wormer combined with a little diatomaceous earth. 2012. We also have an instance of a 13 year old dog that was opened by a veterinarian and immediately sewn up with the comment "this dog will be gone in a few weeks". Colloidal silver has been used to successfully treat and cure parvo, distemper, hot spots, burns, Lyme disease, prevent plaque buildup, kennel cough, allergies, tear stains, infections of all kinds, ringworm, eye issues, UTI’s, tooth and gum issues, bed sores, rosacea, cancer, coughs, sinus infections, warts, and many other things in both people and pets. You’ll find him chewing on stuff he shouldn’t and even eating inedible objects such as grass and dirt. The lack of scientific evidence deters many pet owners as they do not want to take any unprecedented risks. Some people look for a higher ppm, but smaller particle size is more important, as it can penetrate the surface of the skin to reach pathogens that may harm your dog.Colloidal silver is also positively charged.

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