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So Presti had thrown on some clothes and hurried to the hospital. He will need the support of you all.Dearest Monty, Lael, Faith, Janna, Elijah, and Micah,Our hearts were very saddened to hear of your loss. He introduced him to different foods, talked to him about politics and reveled in cursing around Monty, who never cusses. Know how much Oklahoma loves you and your family, and you will remain in our thoughts and prayers.Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His saints.

Others become disorganized, acting out of character and making rash decisions. He got through it on his faith and the generosity of others. As a player, he used to hear Rivers tell him the same thing, over and over: “Get past mad.” But that was basketball; this was different. Rivers certainly was. ”Even at McDonald’s.”And yet Monty says he was putting on an act. Which meant he couldn’t either. That’s the impact that she left with us and I’m sure many more. Love and prayers, Kim Anderson, San Antonio TexasAfter my husband told me of Mrs. Williams death, I began to read about her life as a wife, mother, friend, coach’s wife and special lady. Different, that’s the word Monty comes back to. “It was so real, and raw,” he says.For a while he accompanied her. He wanted to prosecute someone. Monty Williams is a American Basketball player, Coach, who was born on in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA. And when he prayed, what did he pray for? Wyoming. Monty Williams was created on Oct 8, 1971 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA seeing that Tavares Montgomery Williams. I am so heartbroken over this but I know that we will see Ingrid again in heaven. The first birthday without Ingrid, the first Thanksgiving, the first graduation. God bless you.My thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this time. Her smile will never be forgotten. Monty nods, makes him repeat it again. So she brought him along and Monty watched, confused, as Ingrid spent two hours at a nursing home with a woman named Helen, one he was pretty sure was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

It wasn’t until later that Monty would realize that he hadn’t just met the love of his life at Notre Dame, but he had discovered all the things he would become, through her. Be O.K. For two weeks Micah and Elijah passed the stomach flu back and forth, as five- and eight-year-olds do.

As you lean on Him during this time, may you find the strength and courage to help you get through each day, one day at a time. As he hosed them down he shivered and stared up at the sky, feeling lost. She shared God’s love and wisdom with me and all the woman at our Tuesday bible studies. In the off-season they went to South Africa with Basketball Without Borders.Monty stresses that Ingrid was by no means perfect. I am truly heartbroken for you at the loss of such a wonderful person. He didn’t have time. She’s in heaven, she’s with the Lord, she’s like, balling right now. “Monty listens, allows you to vent,” Durant says, “but then he’ll bring you back in and keep it real with you.” Which is why when Durant needed advice last summer, while trying to decide whether to sign with the Warriors, he called Williams. We love and miss all of you in New Orleans. Dominate him,” Elijah responds. It made him mad sometimes. I wish there was more that I can do but prayer is the most powerful thing of all.It is our prayer that God will keep Monty Williams and his family in his eternal care. Every week she disappeared for hours at a time in the afternoon. And he guards against becoming too protective. May God bless you in this difficult time and know you are in our prayers.Monty you and your children will stay in out prayers. So many people sent flowers that Ayana Lawson, the Thunder’s director of player services and appearances, finally contacted local florists and requested they send the gifts to one of Ingrid’s charitable causes. Watching in the audience, Presti tried to keep it together.
What a beautiful legacy you all inherited from Ingrid, and a true blessing to all who knew and loved and were forever impacted by her life. The morning of Feb. 9, 2016, began like so many others. He thought about transferring or dropping out, and at one point he even entertained the thought of taking his own life.

OKC staffers made pins embossed with w7—that’s what people always called the Williams family. Monty followed Ingrid’s advice: Just listen.Just listen.

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