Jupiter moons visible tonight

Slower than Mercury and Venus, you may need to note their positions and watch them carefully for several weeks to notice a change.The two most distant planets – Uranus and Neptune – require binoculars or a telescope to be seen. July belongs to Jupiter and Saturn, as both gas giant worlds reach opposition this month. Give yourself at least 20 minutes to let your eyes get adjusted to the darkness, and use red filters to cover over any flashlights or light-emitting devices you bring along.Jupiter will shine with a yellow hue in the sky just after sunset, lingering in the sky until dawn, at magnitude -2.7.
Look for a very slender crescent Moon between them on the 13th.One planet you’ll have no trouble spotting is Mars.

It therefore rises at sunset, sets at sunrise and is visible all night. Mercury is lost within the Sun’s glare for the entire month, and Venus is also slipping closer to the Sun. If the planet is close to the horizon it will glimmer with a multitude of different colors, making it a very conspicuous sight. It’s then visible in the evening sky from mid July to early January 2021. Only thing that changes is what planets you can see tonight. It’s the third brightest object in the sky (after the Sun and Moon) and appears as a brilliant white star. Jupiter will be visible tonight; here's how to see it in Seattle. Mercury becomes visible low over the west-north-western horizon around the 5th and is probably best seen from about the 15th to the 20th. It has seven siblings, other planets that also orbit the Sun. A one day old crescent Moon appears to its right on the 11th. Most of the time, only one moon or shadow is visible at a time, but sometimes the moons line up in such a way that two, or even three, cross Jupiter at the same time. All three will fit within the same binocular field of view.Lastly, Mars returns to visibility this month, also in the morning sky. Venus spends the month distancing itself from the Sun, but remains a steady brightness throughout.

"Over the weeks following its opposition, Jupiter will reach its highest point in the sky four minutes earlier each night, gradually receding from the pre-dawn morning sky while remaining visible in the evening sky for a few months," the College classes kick off with COVID-19 warnings, PlexiglasHow to Stuff a Turkey the Right Way (for the Juiciest, Most Flavorful Result)Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Look for it very close to Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation of Leo, the Lion, on the 2nd. A waning crescent Moon hangs below Saturn on the 6th and below Jupiter on the 7th.Mars’ solitude in the evening sky finally comes to an end this month as first Mercury, then Venus, both return to the twilight after sunset.
In particular, start looking out for Mercury around the 7th. The table below lists the best times to see the planet between June 2020 and December 2021.

Try looking from about 15 minutes after sunset, but don’t wait too long to see it – it’ll disappear from view before the 15th.Jupiter and Saturn both start the evening over the southern horizon and set at around midnight, giving you ample opportunity to make your observations. It appears level with Saturn on the 23rd and will catch up to Jupiter in the first few days of March. Jupiter is first, on the 14th, with Saturn following just six days later on the 20th. Venus is still distancing itself from the Sun and sets nearly two and a half hours after the Sun by the end of the month. It’s losing its race against the Sun and the distance between it and Venus is growing smaller too. You’ll find a crescent Moon to its right on the 7th.After you’ve seen Venus, look toward the south for Saturn and Jupiter. Look for a waning crescent Moon just to its upper right about thirty minutes before sunrise on the 7th.This is your last chance to see Mars in the evening sky this year. Your best bet may be on the 8th, when the crescent Moon hangs just to its upper right. If you’re an early riser, you might be able to catch Mercury in the pre-dawn twilight in the last ten days of the month. It’s already high over the eastern horizon at sunset and dominates the sky for the next ten hours. It’ll be a stunning sight, whether you’re using binoculars, a telescope or just your eyes.Despite continuing to fade, Mars is also still well placed for observation and will be visible as a bright, coppery orange star throughout the evening.

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