Miley Jab Hum Tum

While on a trail with Samrat and Gunjan, an emotionally incapacitated Mayank drives away alone and crashes into a tree. Mayank checks Nupur's death certificate where he finds that the cause of death is burns which according to Dia was not possible. Meanwhile, Khushi quietly suffers for the crimes she didn't commit. Mayank however doesn't give up and breaks into the house through a window along with Dia. He curses himself for missing out this detail for so many years. The show is about falling in love during college and developing relations for a lifetime. Gunjan and Samrat also reconcile when he hears her crying on the phone about Nupur and Adiraj getting married as Adhiraj consents to the marriage in his anger at Suhaani's betrayal. Nupur receives Mayank as a project partner, dance partner and travelling partner, while Gunjan gets pushed into a talent parade by Samrat and returns the support by tutoring him. Nupur and Mayank end up fighting most of the time but eventually Mayank falls for Nupur when they go for the intercollegiate meet. Mayank accepts a post for professor at Excel at Mrs. Shergill's insistence. Some misunderstandings build between Nupur and Mayank and he refuses to represent the college with her in a competition. Despite Samrat's several attempts she fails to even stand on her own. She tells him that while she was in China, she met her spiritual side and has been having dreams about Nupur calling her. Both sisters are ragged by Dia and gang. With the help of Rohan and Ash, the police come out and arrest Dhruv. While he's confused of his extreme behaviour towards Suhani, he gets concerned when he mistakenly hits Suhani with his basketball. Rohan or Ro, another student, clashes and falls in love with Ash.

At the resort, the gang makes a story about a king's ghost who kills everybody in his path. Suhani panics and takes him to the hospital with the gang's help. The show is about falling in love during college and developing relations for a lifetime. Adhiraj discloses this deception to Shashi who then forces Nupur into marrying Adhiraj. Nupur was in another hospital. Miley Jab Hum Tum Season 4: Latest & Full Episodes of Miley Jab Hum Tum online on Disney+ Hotstar.
Samrat rushes to college and breaks open Suhani's locker to find evidences of her being his sister. Nupur now rejoins Excel as a student to complete her studies. Samrat and Dia begin losing the spark in their friendship as he starts spending most of the time with Gunjan. They convince her to stay with them for seven days during which each of them realises that Nupur is hiding something. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed.Look back at the leading ladies of the 1980s who made their mark with iconic roles (and some major hairstyles, too).Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Mayank, wanting to apologize to Nupur for hiding their relationship and scolding her, follows her to Morena and enters the Bhushan household posing as Nupur's childhood friend 'Bablu' who has come to consider marrying her. With nowhere to go, the couple turns to the gang for help. On further questioning by Adiraj and Samrat about Samrat and her relationship, she breaks down and kneels in front of Samrat. Samrat and Mayank indulge in an argument when Samrat finds out that in the first year Mayank kissed Riya while she was still Samrat's girlfriend. Adhiraj decides to go with her and get married. In fact, she feels she needs to apologize to Samrat for all of the times she has held him guilty for things he had never done. Samrat, now colleague to Gunjan, continually attempts to woo her and make her smile again. Nupur finally reveals her pregnancy. He even saves her from goons which leads to injury in his shoulder. Eventually, the three find her but Nupur consistently and rudely refuses to recognise them.

Later, Mayank and Nupur learn about Suhani's identity. Zoya and Aditya meet in the most unfortunate circumstances. The show is about falling in love during college and developing relations for a lifetime. Her parents, Shashi and Ratna, form a negative opinion about Mayank.

Mayank's mother finds a new job in The new Nupur gains everyone's trust and befriends them. Mayank even saves Samrat from falling off the cliff when he was hallucinating about Gunjan being present there. Gunjan and Nupur have a disagreement with Gunjan being understanding of their father's anger and Nupur objecting to Gunjan and Samrat's supposed indecent proximity at their second date. Mayank is delighted to see her. They arrive at Excel College to witness tight friendships, teary heartbreaks and strong relationships in this heart warming story.
Samrat, on the other hand decides to help Mayank find Nupur. Suhaani had been living in London with their mother before coming to Excel to reunite with Samrat. Gunjan uses the rekindled love after the play and the happiness from the adventure in obtaining Nupur to consider her relationship with Samrat mended.

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