Mini St Bernard

This means Mini Saint Bernards can vary in looks and temperament so when looking make sure you get a mix you are happy with and that you use a reputable breeder. To limit this, raise their dishes to an elevated height.A Mini Saint Bernard cannot be free-fed, and so food should never be left out. The size of the dog makes him a wonderfully Mini Saint Bernards are smart dogs, quick learners, and easily trained with a firm hand. The Standard Poodle St Bernard mix can be expected to range between 40 and 180 pounds in weight and 15 to 30 inches tall. The Mini Saint Bernard is not just a shrunken version of the original Saint Bernard parent.

Their eyes produce a lot of moisture, and cleaning around them helps to maintain appearances as well as keep them free from harboring future infections.As with any dog, keep an eye on the growth of their nails and trim them when necessary.This puppy is not considered to be one of the healthiest breeds due to the genetic traits that pass on from the Saint Bernard parentage. Typically, too much intelligence in dogs makes them very difficult to train since they develop their independent personalities. You will probably need to take him to a groomer to take care of it. He is intelligent and as long as you are the clear leader he will submit making training quite easy. All images are the property of their respective owners. The Mini Saint Bernard can range in price for a puppy, from $800 to $1500 currently. They are two different sizes, though, giving someone looking for a dog like this even more of an option. Since they are smaller than their parental counterpart of the Saint Bernard, they don’t have the same tendency to knock kids over from their sheer size. It may just be jealous of the attention that the other pet receives, although this shouldn’t result in any aggression.Feeding requirements for the Mini Saint Bernard are more high-maintenance than with other dog breeds.To begin with, they need a nutritious and balanced food source that has a low-fat content. These mixed breeds actually have more energy and need more exercise than the purebred Saint Bernard.
They These pups only require an average amount of activity.

He will need his ears checked and wiped clean once a week, wiping under his eyes as they produce a lot of moisture, and his teeth should be cleaned at least twice a week. Despite over 300 years of rescuing people they did not have an official name until 1880. As long as a Mini Saint Bernard puppy has a clear leader as his trainer, he wants to please and will quickly submit to make training relatively easy.These dogs are quite social dogs around their established family unit. Usually, they are still at least fifty percent Saint Bernard. The Mini Saint Bernard is known to be a dog that is very social, loveable, and friendly. The breeder that you go through also dictates part of the fluctuation in pricing.On average, the price of Mini Saint Bernard puppies runs between $800 to $1,500.Although this might not be the most intimidating dog out there, it makes for a pretty good watchdog.
On average, the price of Mini Saint Bernard puppies runs between $800 to $1,500. Our Miniature Saint Bernard and Mini Saint Berdoodle breeding Males.

He is kind and good with children despite his size. Like most designer dogs, the Saint Berdoodle's history is unclear. He is a medium sized dog who will live an estimated 8 to 11 years. The Cocker Spaniel comes from a Spanish line of dogs, and was named for his ability to hunt woodcock. They do love to get attention but will not be as demanding for it as some breeds are. The larger size weighs 40 to 60 pounds and stands 16 to 20 inches tall. Even though they are furry, they tend to retain more of their hair than one would expect and don’t shed as much.They only need infrequent baths, and a mild dog shampoo should be used when they do occur. Shedding will worsen during the Spring and Fall. He is gentle and loving and very loyal. Also his nails will need clipping if they get too long, again this may be something you ask a groomer to do as dog nails have life blood vessels and nerves in them. He is a medium sized dog who will live an estimated 8 to 11 years. One of the areas it would have to pass through was called The Saint Bernard Pass, which presented a challenging and dangerous crossing.A Mini Saint Bernard puppy is very intelligent. Mini Saint Bernards & Mini Saint Berdoodles. The Mini Saint Bernard is always attentive, rarely sleeping for extended amounts of time, and alert at any new sound approaching.Trained the right way, a Mini Saint Bernard will know when to sound the alarm, always ready to help inform the household.The Nehi Saint Bernard and the Micro Saint Bernard are both classed as Mini Saint Bernards.

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