a night divided chapter 40

The government is in control of their lives now. She waved and got caught. SPOILERS! Came to metal under thick dust, it's a door in the dirt. After school she and her best friend Anna stay sometimes for Pioneer meetings that teach how freedom, individualism, and the west are bad. Gerta's brother Dom, is on the west side with their dad. She turned away and went down a different road.Gerta and Fritz walk to school together now. They should because the state says so. The gap between the way of life was widening. Fritz seems to have a secret.Gerta went back to the bldg. *She realizes with the influential people in Germany siding with Russia, the only one who can help her, is herself. Mama leaving to stay with her for a while and look for work there.

Mama said East Berliners didn't fight the Wall because so many believed it was God's punishment for Germany's crimes (pg.

But then she quoted propaganda and slammed the door. Gerta nodded her head but didn't mean it.Gerta is 12 now.

Fritz said he would go if he got the chance.Gerta wonders if Peter made it. Herr Krause is a neighbor. She said she was planting a garden for mom. It was part of the Wall. christina-kelly22. Anna says she has to be ashamed of Peter, as Gerta should be ashamed of her father. 0 likes. They had gone there to look for an apartment and to see if there was any work.The world consider east and west Germany in a "Cold War." This is why dad and Dom left, to go check it out.People were trying to swim, run, and and some crashed their cars through the fence before it was cement to try to get to the west side. A Night Divided Summary and Study Guide. She sees the old building from the picture Anna gave her. Still thinks it's for treasure - gold r passports. He told them he was wrong to print the messages. She sees Dom again and her dad, who she sees wipes a tear. Even the skies were gray today. Created by. Kids whisper. A Night Divided – Comprehension Questions Chapter 16 - 20 1. She tells Gerta to go away. A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen Chapter Summaries. WARNING! Mama and Fritz talk way too happy. Her father infected her and shoe can now infect others. using ground floor window. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. She realizes that's how the Stasi knew about Peter. It was one of Fritz's childhood friends. The east was leaning on Russia. Even his hair is different/more perfect. Neighbors and Fritz's girlfriend Claudia's family dumping them.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. STUDY. Overnight a family is divided, and years go by without a word between them. He dances a dance he used to do for her. But why and where?Gerta went to basement and stred at the shovel trying to figure out what dad meant. At school Anna is put in Gerta's study group. Saw dad dancing and shoveling again. As soon as she left a neighbor (Frau Eberhart) asked where she was going with it and if her mother knew. Fritz tells Gerta that Anna's brother Peter, who is away at a university, is going to try to go west tonight, using a special car made to hide someone. A Night Divided- Chapter Summaries 1-16.
The officer that had helped them was in the tunnel with his family, too.

Everyone wanted to go but Mama.

At bldg., fresh tire marks. Still being shamed for Peter that was all they could really do. They can't be friends any more either.

― Jennifer A. Nielsen, A Night Divided. She's a gossip and Stasi informants are paid. Says it started 12 years ago when Papa participated in uprising. Start studying A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen (Chapter Summaries 33-47). Mama left early for work, Fritz and Gerta leaving for school. Didn't want to bring kids up in a camp. She concluded he wants her to dig. Fritz explains she can't. All boarded but one is loose.

Neither knows anything about it, and even though Gerta tells her she wants to be friends, Anna tells her if anything else comes, she'll tell on her.Gerta brought a loaf of bread Mama made to school for Anna's family. She tried to dig but the shovel wouldn't go into the ground. Learn. She sees her dad on platform and makes an X in the dirt to ask where to dig for treasure. The West Germans protested. On the way to school Anna notices Dominic standing on a platform. The other reminded Fritz that in June he turns 18 and has to enlist in the military for 1.5 years.
She decides Papa wants her to dig a tunnel. It came for Gerta in a sympathy card from Anna's family in West Berlin. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. This early morning light had not ended the long, dark night… She is happy Fritz is accepting life and Gerta is home safe reading. Gerta saw one and had it when one of the Stasi smacked her. His family may be arrested too, and have to work especially hard now to prove their loyalty. )Sunday Mama went to church, Fritz went out with friends, and Gerta went to the basement for their shovel. Gerta, and her oldest brother Fritz (14) are on the east side with their mom. His boss told Mama the Stasi was waiting for him and took him to question him about Peter. No flashlight, so didn't go inside it.

The color of the wall. The officer went down and it turned out to be Anna with her family.Wow! The walls are made of dirt. Test. Gerta wonders what could be in her file.

Gerta (age 8) woke up to fence being almost done outside her house. PLAY.

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