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“I would say 75% of them are asking for a picture if you’re doing it.” And like Elizabeth Warren on the campaign trail, he says yes to almost everyone. The meeting of the Bohemians and introduction to Christian, Toulouse (Sahr Ngaujah) and Santiago (Ricky Rojas) starts off a bit tongue-in-cheek.

I didn't tear anything, it was just a nagging pain that I'd never had before.I don't.

Who are you talking to in the song? It’s the nature of doing eight shows a week. Just do what you do. If you have all this knowledge, if you’re clear about what the scene is, about who your character is, you can learn to trust that that’s going to read on camera. “There’s probably a couple hundred people out there,” Tveit says. You have certain things you need to do, certain marks you need to hit. But you also have to figure out the “why.” The first two shows I did on Broadway, I replaced in “Hairspray” and “Wicked,” and that’s a unique experience because you have a stage manager putting you into the show and you don’t get any of the “why” of it. I have tickets for June 30th & considering getting some for later in the run, as well.

Moulin Rouge: The Musical premiered on 10 July 2018 at the Colonial Theatre in Boston, MA. I never forgot that, how great they were welcoming me. And then after the show, when I get home, I'm ravished, so I try to keep some rice or pasta, usually some kind of leftovers. That is also how, now several months into his run at the Hirschfeld Theatre, he is able to approach his “Moulin Rouge!” journey eight times a week … Keep selling what you’re selling.Casey Mink is the senior staff writer at Backstage.

I don't get home until 12, I'm trying to get to bed, I'm usually I also found out in 2013 that I had a very severe dairy allergy. Satine belts a line from “Come What May,” their love theme, before they join the Company in singing “Your Song.” Suddenly, Satine collapses in her lover’s arms, finally revealing her illness to him before dying. as Christian.

It’s month four in a Broadway show when it’s like, “Oh, my neck hurts, my back hurts.” You have to figure all that out, and I’m tired, but, like I said, it’s appropriate. Christian and the Bohemians unwittingly show up to the club to offer their own enticing proposition to Satine: a starring role in the show they’ve written together and are hoping to put on at the club.
If it's a day where I'm going to the gym, I try to get some more carbs and a little bit of fat before my workout, and then right after I’ll have some carbohydrates as protein. “Aaron was involved in the development in really exciting ways,” Timbers says. But for its plump, sleek two-and-a-half hours of stage time, “Moulin Rouge” — which stars a knockout Karen Olivo, with Aaron Tveit and Danny Burstein doing their best Broadway work to … With 70 pop songs — including “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Bad Romance” — the Broadway adaptation is a spectacle that attempts to balance excess and doom
The clearer an [on-camera] idea you have, it can free you up to just be in the frame, as opposed to any kind of need to show anything. How I like to work and how I prepare, the core of it is exactly the same. After that, I wanted to try and stay ahead of that metabolic curve.

There's so much volume that happens just doing the show every night. I just think it fills in a lot of blanks, even though it’s something the audience is never going to know. With a snap of his fingers, “Lady Marmalade” begins and club emcee Harold Zidler (played with booming flourish by Danny Burstein) becomes our capable host, introducing the audience to the very essence of his club, his dancers and, most importantly, his clientele.

The actor frequently fields questions pertaining to, say, his ravenously loyal fans known as “Tveitertots,” or, frankly, his symmetrical face.But this blustery January afternoon, he sits forward in the booth of a Lower East Side bar, his hands animated as he launches into a minutes-long account of the backstory for his current role as His character development for the Broadway adaptation of the Baz Luhrmann film is scrupulous, and has helped solidify Tveit as a preeminent interpreter of emotionally wrought musical theater roles. Now, Tveit is making his return to the Great White Way in Moulin Rouge!

Aaron Tveit “It was a really cool thing to be part of, living in New York City as a 25-year-old kid at the time,” Tveit says. “The name of the game of this is recovery,” says Tveit, who finds ways to wind down from performing until 10 p.m. six nights a week.

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