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She is out of World Champion working lines.Malley delivered her puppies, they are big and so solid. I will be breeding Malley when she matures late in 2018 or early 2019 when she comes into heat. We import our working dogs from the Czech Republic and Slovakia (AKC INSPECTED) God Bless our troops, Police Officers, and All First Responders, who Sacrifice it all for America. Click to see our previous litters of German shepherd pups If you are interested in her future 2019 August Litter, fill out a reservation. Click here Puppies for Sale to see what pups are available today or in the future. We have working line and Czech DDR German Shepherd Puppies for sale. I kept her to carry on my exceptional pedigree lines. *******************************************************************Zena has delivered 11 healthy puppies! They are properly socialized and active in the sport of Schutzhund or trained to perform tasks that make them valuable to the breed.. Our breeding program is dedicated specifically to the German Shepherd and the … Conditions were very trying for the dogs, temperatures typically being well below zero, with extremely deep snow being commonplace.These dogs had to be extremely hardy and needed a quality coat to survive these conditions.The breeding program, established in 1956, had various objectives, including strengthening the power of bones, and producing dogs with dark pigmentation, strong nerves and a willingness to work.While the kennel name remains „z Pohranicni Straze“, it is now under the Pohranicni Policie (Border Police).We are produce high quality breeding and  training.We are selling dogs from the 100% working CZECH,DDR and POHRANICNI STRAZ BLOODLINE.Our dogs are suitable for the POLICE, the MILITARY and BREEDING.The Kennel z Pohranicni Straze (Z PS) was founded in the year 1955 for the sole purpose of producing and training dogs that would be exclusively used for the protection of the borders of the Czechoslovakian People’s Republic or, since 1968, the Czechoslovakian Socialist Republic. We work with top bloodlines from Czech, and DDR working lines. ABOUT US. All their drives are build in with natural alerts, protection, loyalty and HIGH BALL Drives!to View lots of photos and videos of my dogs and puppies.Browse through my site and look at my dogs and puppies.I train my litter puppies to be confident and have manners with a solid foundation under them before I release them at 8 weeks old.You just don’t get a puppy from me, you get a very well balanced, confident, well rounded puppy with a great foundation. Malley was born on September 11, 2016 in the Czech Republic. An intelligent German Shepherd with a balanced temperament will protect his family if needed. Her expected due date will be the 26th of June.I will know more after the litter is born on the count, sex and colors of the puppies.I am dedicated to breed quality, healthy German Shepherd dogs and answer any questions you may have.In the above video, I am teaching all the dogs and young puppies to sit and take their treat, in a group, ONLY when I call THEIR name.13 Mally First Time In Snow13 Mally First Time In Snow12 Mally Front Profile Photo12 Mally Front Profile Photo8 Mally Side Profile Photo8 Mally Side Profile Photo5 Mally Meetting Buttercup5 Mally Meetting Buttercup4 Mally On Futon With Dogs4 Mally On Futon With Dogs3 Mally Introduction To Some Of My Pack3 Mally Introduction To Some Of My Pack2 Mally On Way Home In Truck2 Mally On Way Home In Truck1 Mally In Truck On Pick Up Day1 Mally In Truck On Pick Up DayHi we lost our last shepherd 2 years ago to cancer. Since its founding by visionary leader Wayne Curry , Kraftwerk K9 has been America’s #1 authority on breeding and importing of working line German Shepherd puppies for sale.Mr. Palpation pressure showed puppy’s and ultrasound showed many fetus. She has 10 puppies that show up on this x-ray.Live Puppy Whelping Pen Cam 1 (Live Streaming on puppies after the litter is born)Zena                                            CodyZena’s palpation and ultrasound exam showed positive for pregnancy on the 18th of May.
!QUALIFICATION WUSV 2014 1st place CACT(97,97,98), Master of Czech Republic – age 25 monthsMalley is bred to Favo (Photo Left) for another superior litter from her. I have waiting liste, but paid reservations have preference.

We have always had females. Can you send me information on what’s available and price range.Hi Larry, give me a call, and I can tell you about my program for 2020.

All of our breeding dogs are titled, OFA or A stamped, and DM tested. Coyote Creek Ranch Texas AKC German Shepherds SCURRY, TEXAS 214-797-0489 ccrgsd@gmail.com. Curry has represented the United States in several international schutzhund/protection dog competitions around the world including Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, and Italy. All the puppies are beautiful, plump, healthy and vigorous eaters!Malley and her August 16, 2019 Litter 2 days old (Sold)**********************************************************************____________________________________________________________________Malley has Hip and Elbow (Good and Normal) OFA Certification.Reservations came in VERY fast on Malley’s litter. This litter she didn’t lose any weight and is very fit.Pups are thriving in their new homes and my clients are so happy!Zena with her working vest on and Cody the father of this litter.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Call 845-283-3229 for information on my upcoming litters.Visit the Live Puppy Cam Page to view the puppys Live Streaming Video!This puppy above I am keeping to carry on her great progeny!Look for her puppies in late 2019 and early 2020………..Myself And A Puppy Close UpMyself And A Puppy Close Up5 Black Males, 2 Bi Color Males and 3 Black Females.Zena (Bred to Cody) had a pregnancy conformation check on May 18th – Pregnant and Due Date June 26th with another big litter!Photo below is June 22nd, 58 days pregnant x-ray of he puppies Zena is carrying.

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