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Gallup found that just 7% of Democrats approve of Trump, the lowest number on its new chart. Probably 99% of the time, pundits are using the wrong term.E.g. And even though he was able to impeach President Trump, his plan quickly backfired. © Sean Hannity and Hannity.com 2020. Poll Thread: I've got to correct the misuse of the term "oversampled". 252, the Congressional resolution he introduced to recognize and commemorate the Armenian Genocide, by calling on survivors of the genocide carried out by the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1923, as well as their family members and descendants, to submit their stories and memories for inclusion into the Congressional Record.

However, it still ranks among the lowest year three averages for any president elected to their first term since World War II, surpassing only Jimmy Carter’s 37.4%.”That 42% average for the president shows a steady uptick for Trump as he readies for the Senate impeachment trial and the 2020 election. It only took one day of the phony Democrat impeachment scam “proceedings” for President Donald Trump to notch his highest ever approval ratings in the Gallup poll.The approval rating gap for President Trump between Democrats and Republicans has hit an all-time high, the latest sign that political bipartisanship is dead.The gulf between how partisans view the Republican president has reached 82 points, easily overtaking the 77-point gap when former President Barack Obama left office.But according to the latest Gallup survey, the historic divide isn’t hurting Trump’s overall approval rating, which is now at its average highest, 42%, and is sitting at his highest quarterly Gallup rating, 43.3%When do you think the country should re-open and get back to work?In the words of President Trump, “they say you can add 7 percent to 10 percent to all Trump numbers! He has no plan, the clock and the calendar, not the facts are driving this… We have the facts on our side, all they have is hatred of President Trump,” said Collins.“When you’ve got facts on your side, it’ll win every time,” he added.GOP Rep. Doug Collins slammed Congressman Jerrold Nadler during fiery hearings on Capitol Hill Thursday; saying House Democrats are “lost in impeachment Oz” and are unable to “find their way out of the mess.”“Today’s ambiguity is a product of the chairman’s own making because there is an easy way to know exactly whether this committee is in “Democrats followed the yellow brick road, and now they’re fully lost in impeachment Oz—try as they might, they can’t find their way out of the mess they’ve made because they think ‘words don’t matter,’” he added.Democrats followed the yellow brick road, and now they’re fully lost in impeachment Oz—try as they might, they can’t find their way out of the mess they’ve made because they think “words don’t matter.” House Democrats voted Thursday to officially unveil their “guidelines” surrounding an investigation into whether they will recommend filing articles of impeachment against President Trump.The proposal left most lawmakers -including many Democrats- confused and bewildered as to what the resolution actually means.“Some call this process an impeachment inquiry. Republican Sen. John Barrasso said 'the blood drained from Adam Schiff's face' when the Democrat was confronted with his own 'made up words.' After day one of impeachment proceedings, President Trump clocked in at a record quarterly high of 43.3 percent approval in the Gallup poll, which may not seem that high, until you realize that mainstream polls tend to over-represent Democratic voting groups, and that almost every single swing state poll showed Hillary Clinton winning the election in 2016.Thank you, Adam Schiff, and thank you, Democrats! Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) on Wednesday launched an effort to parallel H. Res.

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