adding a third pontoon

Remember the old line, “measure twice, drill once.” You need to measure the “channel” location itself and then compensate for the flanges that you drill through. I used a regular corded drill instead of my usual Ryobi cordless drill thinking I might need more duration.

Follow these simple instructions to As I mentioned before, even though I am an evangelist for buying simple and practical, I do succumb to the excitement of improving my ‘toon’s ride and increasing the performance just like any other TGH (‘toon gear head). I didn’t give any thought to leaving the sections sitting in the sun. A tri-toon is created when we start with a normal pontoon boat (which has 2 aluminum tubes or logs mounted under the floor of the boat which act as the hull). The 3rd log is 22ft long I miss spoke on the front set back.

And in this case I decided to add a Pontoon Wholesalers Poly 3If I had my way, it would be a third ‘toon AND a new 115 horsepower engine mounted on the back of my 20-foot Bentley…but my boat partner (spouse) said I had to wait a bit for that power upgrade.

Sound confusing? Guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when Mike said it would only take about four hours for the job. But in the end I think we could have used a cordless as long as we could swap out batteries. Pontoon Wholesalers had already cut the J-channels based on preliminary measurement from our boat, so all we needed to do is get the channels lined up the right distance apart from the center line to slide the tube sections in place. At the few locations that needed self-tapping screws I drilled small pilot holes to make the installation go a bit easier. Okay, I went out and bought a Ryobi cordless impact wrench just so I could use it for this project. One section would not fit easily into the other section. With the gen set and big fuel tank you are ready to cruise.

Beaching should not be a problem with just a small difference.1995 beachcomber conversion to tritoon with Honda 135 , 2008 SunTracker Regency Party Barge 22 with lifting strakesAs you stated - How fast do you really go??? My 3rd log has strakers on it and it helps me get on plane better and fast. If this kit is designed to help me improve that older boat I already own or upgrade an entry-level boat I already have for very little expense, I don’t want to rent a shop or lift or hire a mechanic. One tube was still oversized slightly and we had trouble pushing the sections together.

As normal, with any type of install each boat will be unique.The tracks are installed with 3/8 x 1-inch stainless bolts and nylon insert lock nuts in the C-channel cross beams on the boat. It arrived when the weather started to get cold and I opted for waiting until we could install the kit outside.A friend offered his building to use, but my goal was to put the third ‘toon on in a manner that an average do-it-yourselfer would and could do.In my mind that was outside in my drive (or yard) on the trailer. Even though the install is pretty straightforward, it is well worth going to Pontoon Wholesalers’ website (The installation only takes a few basic tools and a little manual labor to complete. The next one I think I can do in about four hours or even less.So let me go over the basics. I also like to stumble through things on my own. So next is the testing. We then add a third tube in between the other logs underneath the boat. This is a key thing to remember and a factor in why it took me an extra day to install the kit.I started drilling one hole in the rear of each channel first and installing a nut and bolt in each J-channel at the rear. All I was doing was using the ratcheting strap to squeeze the sections together, which happened pretty easily.

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