advantages and disadvantages of poison gas in ww1

This was more an irritant rather than a gas that would kill. Weather played a major component in how gas was used, if it was windy gas might affect the users troops instead of the enemy; Gas masks lessen the affect of gases that needed to be inhaled; The gas xylyl bromide (tear gas) was less effective in cold temperatures According to the Imperial War Museum, of the roughly 600,000 disability pensions still being paid to British servicemen by 1929, only 1% were being given to those classed as victims of gas. But the results left him disappointed. "I also think it has something to do with gas masks themselves - to protect yourself from the gas you have to make yourself look and sound frightening. The temporary blindness was a metaphor, a semi-religious purgatory for British youth on the way to resurrection. By the time that phosgene had got into a person’s bodily system, it was too late. Soldiers also used make-shift gas masks if they were caught in the open without a gas mask during a gas attack – cloth soaked in their own urine and placed over the mouth was said to give protection against a chlorine attack. The small quantities of gas delivered, roughly 19 cm³ per cartridge, were not even detected by the Germans. "There's also an element of gas not showing itself to be decisive, so it's easier to... not have to worry about the expense of training and protection against it - it's just easier if people agree to ban it," says Ian Kikuchi.But Edgar Jones disagrees. "It is this particular horror of gas that is captured in Wilfred Owen's poem Dulce et Decorum Est, arguably the most widely read description of the horrors of war in the English language.The poem is written in the style of a first-hand account, but there's no evidence in Owen's letters from the front, or in his regiment's war diary, that he experienced such an attack before writing the poem.

Also it was much less apparent that someone had inhaled phosgene as it did not cause as much violent coughing. In one sense, it was an act of desperation as opposed to a premeditated act that all but went against the ‘rules’ of war. In the Ypres attack, the German had delivered their chlorine by using pressurised cylinders. The German army were the first to use chlorine gas at the battle of Ypres in 1915. It was the first truly undetectable ship, and only had to surface when attacking during combat.

"It also had a profound psychological impact on soldiers - it terrified them. Poison gas was probably the most feared of all weapons in World War One.

"Gas had not worked - and it was considered unsoldierly. However, these figures do not take into account the number of men who died from poison gas related injuries years after the end of the war; nor do they take into account the number of men who survived but were so badly incapacitated by poison gas that they could hold down no job once they had been released by the army.Armies quickly produced gas masks that gave protection as long as sufficient warning was given of a gas attack.

Geneva was an attempt to civilise war," he says. The most frequently used chemicals during World War I were tear-inducing irritants rather than fatal or disabling poisons. )But even in World War One there were those who argued gas was no worse than other weapons. Poison gas was indiscriminate and could be used on the trenches even when no attack was going on. John Singer Sargent was commissioned as a war artist in 1918 The gases used ranged from disabling chemicals such as tear gas and the more severe, mustard gas to killing agents like phosgene. The overwhelming majority though went on to make good recoveries. The Protocol itself makes the lofty statement that gas "has been justly condemned by the general opinion of the civilised world".But the only reason countries were prepared to ban it, some argue, is that it was ineffective.John Singer Sargent's painting of a line of blinded soldiers came to be known by a one word title: "Gassed. Gas terrified soldiers in WW1, but it killed comparatively few of them, at least on the Western Front.

"There's an argument that humans have always had revulsion to using poison in warfare," she says. The use of lighter than air gasses to produce lift means that the zeppelins do not need to reach as high speeds as other aircraft in order to maintain altitude, and expend much less fuel due to their lower weight. This weapon may have been small, but it had a larger impact on World War One than some might think. However, Richard Slocombe, Senior Curator of Art at the Imperial War Museum, which holds the painting, explains Sargent had a different intention. "It is a painting imbued with symbolism. Others weapons, like the machine gun, were honed to new levels of murderous perfection. The main advantages of zeppelins are their ability to carry very large loads at relatively high speeds with very high fuel efficiency. "But the failure at Bolimow proved to be only a temporary setback.By April, German chemists had tested a method of releasing chlorine gas from pressurised cylinders and thousands of French Algerian troops were smothered in a ghostly green cloud of chlorine at the second Battle of Ypres. He "cured" each of them with a placebo.In February 1918 one soldier of the 1/22nd London Regiment developed a sore throat and reported that he had been gassed.

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