afk arena tier list 2020

He has it all – the knockback effect on Divine Strike gives him a handy crowd control ability, Divine Shield gives him crazy damage reduction on top of his already-tanky attributes, Divine Blessing gives him access to a major heal that also buffs ally defenses, and finally, his ultimate ability, Heaven’s Protection, grants your entire team a massive shield that heals them while they’re under its effects.If you have Lucius, don’t be afraid to spend every single gemstone and hero dust you have on him – he’ll likely carry you straight the end-game if you invest enough into him.Rosaline is a great support hero, but her effectiveness on the battlefield depends entirely on your party. S-Tier heroes, especially in early to mid-game, are going to be the core of any effective team. Khazard also has access to area-of-effect healing reduction, making him another ideal pick against enemy compositions with lots of healing capabilities.Baden is such a self-sufficient hero that it often feels like he can 1v5 enemies all on his own.

Her summon ability, Dream Spirit provides the team with moderate but constant healing and damage, but where Tasi really shines as support is her access to some of the best crowd control abilities in the game.Her basic skill, Banishment, periodically removes from play the most powerful enemy on the field for a few seconds at a time, and her ultimate ability, Slumber, puts all enemies to sleep for a period of time, taking a percentage of the damage they received while under the effect when it ends.Although they’re not “broken” per se, these Heroes still have superior abilities that make them a welcome addition to any party or team composition. She has a minor healing ability that provides the team with single-target healing and damage mitigation, while the rest of her kit revolves around stunning enemies and deflecting damage.One of the most annoying enemies to deal with, both in PvE and PvP, Wu Kong is a tank hero that effectively soaks damage for the party by summoning clones of himself. His ultimate ability also gives him some great – although not always reliable – self-sustain. On top of that, Lyca’s attacks also rend through enemy defenses, making them vulnerable to your allies’ attacks.Outfitted with massive damaging abilities, crowd control in the form of a multi-target stun, and some of the best damage buffs in the game, Safiya is a top-tier pick that excels as a backline support hero. Especially since equipping and upgrading heroes in the game requires players to consume precious resources, quite a few players – veterans and newbies included – might have trouble deciding whether or not they’re getting the best bang for their buck by dedicating their limited resources towards one hero or another. Without doubt, AFK Arena is a beautiful RPG. They’re easy to find and easy to upgrade, and although they’re not quite as effective as their A-Tier and S-Tier counterparts, they get the job done well enough. With his ultimate ability, Reanimate, Grezhul can someone skeletal warriors to attack and soak damage for the party.

Overall, Belinda makes your entire party far more effective.Although technically a designated Tank, Rigby’s abilities revolve more around dealing damage than tanking it. Apart from her DPS and innate healing abilities, Shemira also offers high-end utility in the form of her second ability, Silence, which lets her render enemy magic heroes harmless.Her ultimate ability, Tortured Souls, allows Shemira to deal consistent damage while simultaneously healing herself based on the damage dealt.

However, once Kaz gains access to her unique items, she turns into an unkillable killing machine that can dodge enemy fire while relentlessly assassinating them up close.In late game, Kaz is arguably the most reliable damage dealer, assuring players that she can stay alive long enough to outperform most other DPS heroes in the game.Lyca, the Keeper of Glades, is usually outclassed by other heroes in terms of raw damage output. He also comes with a self-healing ability, making him a great self-sufficient pick for players in need of more damage.Massive damage potential? At the start of combat, Rosaline follows and links herself to the ally with the highest combat rating. Finally, his ultimate Fissure deals massive AoE damage and burns the ground, debuffing enemy attack ratings.For our AFK Arena best heroes tier list, we’ve put in the A-Tier the heroes who do amazingly well in some aspects of the game but fall out in the later stages. We hope you enjoyed this article and that it helped you decide which heroes you want to run with in AFK Arena. His abilities are all pretty good, but the main reason to get him is if you want a consistent tank.Another rare hero, newer players won’t often see Khazard in-game, but when they do, he leaves a lasting impression. Don’t count on these heroes to carry you through all of AFK Arena, but don’t hesitate to get them up-and-running especially if you’re in need of a specific role to fit your party.Solise, the Floral Wonder, is a decent support hero that excels at controlling the battlefield.

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