agile off road 4x4 conversion cost

I found it on the Quigley Motor Company 4×4 Conversion website and it’s pretty comprehensive. Mercedes-Benz calls the Sprinter drive system “4ETS,” which stands for “Electronic Traction System.”  In fact, Mercedes-Benz rightly calls the system “The advantage of using such a system is the van can be run in 2 wheel drive to save fuel. Or when I got stuck on an icy road in town, or on my ice driveway where I just couldn’t move with the 2WD and had to put chains on.

Best they could do on the 4×4 was $500 under MSRP. I own a 2019 170 4X4. thanks Thanks for visiting and for the comment. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Where do you plan to use your van? Thanks again and enjoy your van!Thanks for the thoughtful review of the factory 4×4 vans that are available right now.

Tough call!It is a tough call. Having some pull from the front tires does help stability in the snow.

This is due to the numerous advantages of the Sprinter during the 99% of time I am not needing 4 WD and IMHO this far outweighs what may be minor imperfections in the Sprinter 4×4 or its computer algorithm.

Part of me thinks that I should have made the investment of 4WD, just to have the option.

All the braking and power shifting was causing the van to momentarily stop on the hill while the computer sorted things out, which didn’t happen when he was in 2WD.

I would not spend the money unless you know you need it.

The Sprinter’s 4×4 system has some serious limitations in slick terrain, such as ice, snow, or mud.

I haven’t noticed any clunking or whirring or anything perceptible from the “fake” 4 wheel drive. I did not want to give up on some of the really cool Premium Plus features that the 2019 offers, such as adaptive cruise control. This discount was not due to poor sales or excess, unsold vans sitting on the lot, my dealer sold 200 Sprinter vans in June so they are flying out the door as fast as they can get them. Only a handful of them are Quigley specific.@ourkavan. I personally would rather my van needed external exhaust sensors replaced than it needing the heads pulled or transmission overhauled.

Many potential 2019 buyers were unable to obtain a van.

A few bits here and there I hadn’t read already. Any opinions?Greg, the aspects of the Sprinter 4×4 system that limit it offroad–the 35/65 torque split, non-locking center diff, etc., aren’t as big of a disadvantage for use in the snow. The 4×4 option is $7975 more than 2 WD, as you mentioned. The 33/67% torque split was likely a deliberate engineering design feature rather than an oversight or limitation. )4x4 conversions available for 2000 & newer vans only.In order to provide an accurate quote, we need additional information about your rear differential.Upload image of ID Tag on the right edge of the differential cover (ex.
A true locking center differential is added, as well as optional front and rear locking differentials. It sits very low with no protection.

I offer a completely different conclusion.

Appreciate your feedback on this! Is this vehicle still up for sale? Lock two sets of the three together and you have locked the diff.3 sprinter all170 wb regular body no extended body all 5 speed 3.0 v6 The 2011 is a 2 wd and i have 2 2108 a 2wd and a4 wd. This lift allows you to clear 33in tires stock. Whether or not you can live with it will be a personal choice.Unlike virtually every-other 4×4 vehicle made since the 1990s, the Sprinter does not have shift-on-the-fly 4×4. Mercedes-Benz contracts the 4×4 hardware out to the Austrian company Oberaigner.

It does this every 550 miles if you drive it perfectly on highways, but anything like city/stop-go or idling, and regens become as common as every 300 miles, with owners terrified of idling too long or interrupting the DPF regen. We need to start riding Atlas to come out with a true locking center diff for the Sprinter so it has 50/50 drive when it’s needed most. At the same time, I also remember having put on my Spikes Spider’s on my Audi in an absolute blizzard up I-80 to Tahoe, where I did not feel safe with the Quattro 4WD alone, but was cruising with the 4WD and chains.

I dont see a difference in fuel mileage, noise level or anything in those sprinters.

Until I read this article: Even though my other 4WDs have had locking center and rear diffs, I could live without those.

This rig has the workhorse Triton V10 6.8 liter engine which offers great power for cruising over mountain passes and the low end torque for off roading.

What you’ll wind up with is the best designed, riding and performing 4×4 van both on and off-road.Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Next time, I would probably cinch down the handbrake to stop the rear wheels before getting out to install the chains.

My primary reason for getting the van is to go to warmer climates in winter and cooler climates in summer not to do extreme 4×4-ing. Typically our TTB 4×4 conversion runs about ~$18.5K. There are other manufacturers like Koenig. I had no problems.

Would you think the 4-cyl would work just as well for a built out 170 WB?

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I live in California, where I’m found backcountry skiing in Tahoe, Shasta, Lassen, the East Side etc. Engine * 5.4 L V8 - Gas 6.0 L V8 - Diesel 6.8 L V10 - Gas 7.3 L V8 - Diesel VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) * If the vehicle lasts 300-500,000 KM, I’ll be happy, as every vehicle I’ve owned (Toyota, GMC diesels, Ford diesels, Nissan, Chev Surburban), ALL FALL APART and are prone to become scrap after 250,000km….

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