are cichlids related to piranhas

A group of 5-6 piranhas is quite appropriate, however if you want them breeding, the best is to keep them in pairs so that there are no other fishes to bother them. One user said that the teeth of bluegill fish are like sandpaper and a school of them can’t even break human skin. To find ae mating pair, you can pick two adult Piranhas, one is Well i was thinking of setting up a 100-125gallon fishtank. The sports reporter is a major outdoors expert.He shut down this defamatory claim against bluegill fish. I totally DO NOT recommend getting piranhas i bought them with the intention that they were going to be a really cool fish (not as in o lets throw a duck in there and see what happens ) but as it swimming in schools and moving around alot and be visible but ooooh no no no no no ... my piranhas sat in one spot ALL day long they didnt even move and they were maybe 3 inches long in a huge aquarium .... so i said byebye and moved on to cichlids I have kept numerous pirahna species in the past. [2] They are sometimes referred to in English by their Brazilian name tucunaré or their Spanish name pavon. however, there is an issue in general behavior/physiology that means its a bad idea.

will kill everything, etc, etc. So, how dangerous is a supposed cousin of this deadly species?The Facebook post states that bluegill fish are responsible for a whopping 20,000 deaths per year! Piranhas and bluefish are of different habitats. No. Take a look in the mirror, Humans f*ck up more cichlids, piranhas, puffers and triggers than any other animal around. they told me at the store they would be o.k. . Nonetheless, people believe what they hear!People have taken to social media to say that the claim is false. I recently started a tank and have a baby red belly and a baby jack dempsey in a 10 gallon tank. Piranhas and bluegills and aren’t even distantly related! Many Piranha keepers usually ask: "Is there any other fish that can live Piranhas are one of the most efficient predators on earth, with razor sharp teeth and a ferocious nature. Piranha Information, facts and fiction. Well I know a little about them.

I heard they do good with a couple of other fish. The most they would do is tickle you to death.Many have shared their accounts of catching, prepping, and eating bluegill fish without any adverse effects.Some have hit up Ryan Fagan on Twitter. The species is harmless and far from dangerous to humans!Bluegill fish aren’t even related to piranhas, which is a huge relief. usually had some contributing factor for failure.

But ounce for ounce, one on one, Piranhas are not very tough fish when compared to Cichlids... As mentioned, it

Actually a guy I know has 2 piranha with 2 HUGE oscars and a massive cat in a 300 gal and they do fine, the oscars are actually the bosses of the tank.We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Peacock bass or (Brazilian Tucunaré) (Cichla) is a genus of large cichlids,[3][4] diurnal and predatory freshwater fish native to the Amazon and Orinoco basins, as well as rivers of the Guianas, in tropical South America. Bluefish is a sea species native to the Pacific Ocean. For more advantageous help with compatibility, check out the link in my profile. piranhas are nervous fish, and will be stressed by the cichlids behavior. So far they have been living together fine. Piranha species, description, social behaviors, habitat, breeding and keeping the Piranha fish aquarium. They are aggressive predators with sharp teeth—two Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 19 guestsFor general fish and aquarium topics. Bluefish is a sea species native to the Pacific Ocean. I am not sure when they should be seperated but I waited to longAny sluggish transferring fish like great Tetras (Congo Tetras are sturdy) are sturdy. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. It’s possible that many are confusing bluegill fish with bluefish.Bluefish is a sea species native to the Pacific Ocean. I was thinking about african cichlids. A school of bluegills can allegedly dismantle a human body in less than 15 minutes. Find out about more about keeping piranhas as pets in this article and ask yourself if this is really the pet you want to adopt with the help of our guidelines and general tips. it took about 4 months for them to more than tripple in size. After all, many have come across bluegill fish in everyday life and these people have come out of a bluegill encounter unscathed.Google Trends recorded a massive spike in searches related to bluegill fish on June 21.

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