are sweet valley high books worth anything

From $28.79 From $4.69 Kate William From $4.69 She didn’t appreciate that it deviated from her books in so many places. The series looks at the lives Jessica and Elizabeth, identical twins with vastly different personalities. Kate William


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Francine Pascal #79 Francine Pascal wasn’t especially amused by the adaptation. From $4.89 From $4.19


#63 Francine Pascal From $4.79 Rather, after writing a couple of outlines for the first few books and getting them sold, Francine Pascal allowed the responsibility of actually producing each of the Sweet Valley High books to fall on the shoulders of a ghostwriter.

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Out of Stock #40 From $3.99 However, their personalities couldn’t be further apart.Unlike her snobbish and evil-intentioned twin, Elizabeth is warm and friendly. From $5.09

Kate William Kate William
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From $4.39 Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. From $8.39 If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. The Sweet Valley High book series by multiple authors includes books Double Love, Secrets, Playing With Fire, and several more. From $5.39 From $5.49 Kate William Sweet Valley High is a series of novels for children and young adults from Francine Pascal. Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield were portrayed by Brittany and Cynthia Daniel.While the television show shared a lot of aspects with the books, the two mediums were also quite different.


Kate William Pascal believes that the draw of the Sweet Valley High series wasn’t its literary quality but the manner in which the books turned contemporary romance on its head by featuring female characters who took proactive roles in the search for romance rather than sitting around and waiting for the hero to claim them.The books were not Pascal’s first attempt at writing for young adults.

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She did all the outlines and, more importantly, every character in the Sweet Valley High series was her creation.She also worked closely with the ghostwriters to ensure that each book met her strict specifications. #14 Out of Stock

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