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The pistol grip and adjustable stock are both functional, yet budget, models. When the dust cover pops open, you can see right away that the BCG is cut differently than its 5.56 cousins. Needless to say, this tough OMNI HYBRID held up to a test we all thought was impossible! The rim of the next round tended to catch on the top of the brass of the previous round as it was being seated. Another thing to keep in perspective is that at the muzzle, out of an 18-inch barrel, the .357 Magnum will be screaming along at over 1,900 fps and have the muzzle energy of over 1,100 ft. lbs. There are no sights supplied with the gun, but the full-length Picatinny rail will accommodate irons or optics. Unloading the Omni, I more closely examined the chamber.

American Tactical is a worldwide importer and US based manufacturer of firearms, ammunition, and accessories. This level of maintenance requires the use of three different tools; something I absolutely abhor in a weapon. At one point while I was loading, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. Ohio only allows three rounds total for deer, and there was a mix in the chamber and magazine: Remington flat-nosed rifled slug, Winchester Super-X hollow-point rifled slug, and Brenneke Close Encounter slug. Rounds simply would not chamber. Shot placement is everything. I ran an immediate action drill and I was right back in the fight. Introducing the American Tactical Omni Hybrid AR Lower reciever. Trigger group consists of an AR15 pattern, … The metal threaded insert was not distorted or broken in any way, and the reinforced polymer survived, and is fully functional! From controls to the magazine, to ergonomics and dimensions, there is absolutely nothing about this platform that says “shotgun.” The gun was well laid out (just like an AR) and well executed.

(One of my fellow instructors likes to say that the two loudest sounds in the world are a gun that goes “bang” when it is supposed to go “click,” and a gun that goes “click” when it is supposed to go “bang.”) This happened a second and then a third time before the deer trotted off. Brownells has made that possible with their BRN-Proto...While filming the 2018 season of Guns&AmmoTV we had the unique opportunity to fire the M134 Minigun.New for 2019 is the SCCY CPX-4, a .380 ACP semi-automatic pistol that extends beyond the existing SCCY CPX-3 line of pistols.The Mossberg 590A1 Retro offers the proven durability and reliability of the M500 and M590...In the golden age of daily carry options, the Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP pistol is a...Anarchy Outdoors has introduced a series of upgrades for the T/C Compass and Venture rifles.This article will walk you through the process of building a Glock pistol from an 80 percent...The new Citadel Warthog semiauto shotgun, available in 12 ga. or 20 ga., has been added to the... Also, as a result, and due to the design of the Foster slug, the round tends to fragment when it hits relatively solid resistance, like a shoulder blade. of meat for his favorite dinner: tacos! By comparison, the .357 (from an 8-inch barrel) using a 140-grain bullet generates 1,440 fps and 644 ft. lbs. The one exception is the 18.5-inch, Turkish-made barrel; it is glossy black, while the remainder of the firearm is matte. Of course, with the supplied five-round magazine loaded and inserted, the platform would weigh far less than a comparable AR loaded with 30 rounds of 5.56. The result?

Interestingly enough, the manual recommends the same for the bolt assembly and chamber.

Originally manufactured in 1933, this Colt manufactured .50-caliber machine gun was still in...While Germany is the Edenic home of modern sniping, they were always one step behind the...In the golden age of daily carry options, the Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP pistol is a...More and more people are choosing to carry a handgun for personal protection, here is why you...The last of Germany's infamous Elefant tank destroyers.Want the “Holy Grail” of AR-15 rifles? of kinetic energy is now at 338 ft. lbs. Heck, even the .45 ACP retains 317 ft. lbs.

Since this is a review and not a torture test, I did not fire 1,000 rounds through the gun to see if functionality would be affected by their proposed maintenance schedule.One of the coolest things about the ATI Omni is its versatility. The Omni balanced right at the front of the mag well and felt far lighter than its advertised weight of 6.5 lbs. We disassembled the Omni and were about to tear down the BCG when something fell out of it, and the ejector was magically back in the proper position. ATI Omni Hybrid 410 Semi-Auto - MSR Style Shotgun -Built on ATI's patented Omni Hybrid receiver/ the Omni Hybrid 410 is a one of a kind shotgun wonder. The result? Between the smoothbore barrel, the Foster slugs, and the lack of energy beyond that distance, I figured 50 yards was appropriate. Success! American Tactical Imports is producing this light weight extremely durable Omni Hybrid Max AR-15 rifle. She is not quite as good with a rifle or a shotgun, as the weight and recoil sometimes detract from the experience.

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