ba 15 what must be visible to law enforcement personnel while operating a pwc

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Striking an object . ife of Frederick Douglass 1. What hidden and potentially deadly danger exists when teak surfing or platform dragging? What should you always do when a person falls overboard? What must be visible to law-enforcement Personnel while operating a PWC? While a police department or police agency may have local rules about when, where, and how their officers conduct radar speed enforcement, there is no legal requirement for officers to be visible. growth. What type of boat is most likely to have a planing hull?What must be done with the vessel’s registration paper?Which of the following is a characteristic of an overloaded boat?What special care must you take with your hull identification number (HIN)?What type of planning hull handles rough water the best?Which of the following vessels are exempt from being titled and registered in Virginia?In washington, where can you get a boat trailer registration?On power-driven vessels, which of the following is true of navigation lights?Lights must be on during periods of restricted visibilityAccording to the Navigation Rules, a rapidly ringing bell every minute signals what?Which of the following is true of a carburetor backfire flame arrestor?What is the USCG-approved meaning of "serviceable condition" for PFDs?USCG regulations require that a 14 foot powerboat carry which of the following items between sunset and sunrise?Which of the following items is/are required on a 12 foot inflatable dinghy?How often should the inflator on a Type V PFD be checked?Which type of fire extinguisher should be onboard a vessel with a permanently installed fuel tank?Every person aboard a personal watercraft is required to wear what in Virginia?When not below deck or in an enclosed cabin, children under what age must wear PFDs when boating in Virginia?When are lights required to be installed on a trailer?Which of the following is considered a safe refueling practice?What should you do if caught in severe storm conditions?Which of the following is a sign that the weather may change for the worse?What currents are a result of the movement of the sun and the moon?What test can be performed to detect a leak after fueling a gasoline-powered boat?Which is a common first indicator of an approaching thunderstorm?Where should non-essential passengers stand during the fueling process?Which one of the following is true about can buoys?Throwing the anchor as far away from the boat as possible and backing upFor most anchoring situations, which is the best type of anchor line?A mooring buoy is a white buoy with which color stripeBy operating a boat in Virginia, you have consented to what kind of test if directed by a marine patrol officer?Which statement is true about red buoys under the Inland Rules?They should be passed on your starboard side when going upstreamAccording to the Navigation Rules, which of the following is true?What action should be taken when nearing a bend in a narrow channel?Stay to the starboard edge of the channel and signal one prolonged blastA boat operating in a narrow channel is required to keep as close as is safe to what side?On a recreational boat, the location of emergency equipment (life jackets, fire extinguishers, visual distress signals, radio, etc.) The first thing that the law enforcement personnel look for is the PFD or Personel Floatation Device, the emergency kill switch that must wear around the wrist in case you fall off or wipe-out, and the PWC registration numbers must also be visible. Ba-15 what must be visible to law enforcement personnel while operating a pwc? What must be visible to law enforcement personnel while operating a PWC? Top Answer. In a study of the relationship between extraversion and the amygdala that is described in the textbook, participants viewed fearful or happy faces whi

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