baby blue spruce vs fat albert

I'm wondering what the differences between the three are? Spruce grow best in full sun. New Carlisle, OH. For example, there are a couple varieties of blue spruce that only reach 10 to 15 feet. The coloration of this cultivar's needles is slightly grayer than that of other cultivars. All evergreens experience seasonal needle drop. I definately need the smaller growing variety. You're right that there aren't many, but I've seen a handful of older ones in Cobb county that look great. As mentioned, the Fat Albert blue spruce, a relative of the Colorado spruce, is known as a relatively slow grower. I wore one of those ace bandage "socks", but it gets tight too fast. Sara M., Interesting. Adaptable to wide range of soil but require good drainage and benefits from irrigation in dry weather. I'd reconsider this choice. I'm glad the "Friends of the Parks" event Saturday was postponed .. but it was due to the weather they're expecting. It's labeled a dwarf but I'd call it a semi-dwarf or intermediate. What about Abies pinsapo 'Glauca', Cedrus atlantica 'Horstmann', or Cunninghamia lanceolata `Glauca' (Grows huge, but can tolerate heavy pruning). The Fat Albert blue spruce is a forgiving plant in many ways. Protect from drying winds. A breezy spot with full sun will reduce the opportunities for fungus diseases of the lovely blue needles to become established. I can't wait .. nothing worse than shoveling snow, unless it's shoveling snow with broken toes! However, the Fat Albert blue spruce, a dwarf blue spruce, grows quite slowly.

I no longer will take abuse. But caring for them requires planning and foresight.

Some people also like to use them as living Christmas trees. Perhaps New Year's Eve (or day) is a good opportunity to start a family tradition of doing something design-oriented for the new year. They are “Fat Albert” which has a pyramidal shape with a soft blue color and “Baby Blue Eyes” which is a deep blue color with a uniform growth that is more upright than Fat Albert,

For these reasons, gardeners prize the plant as a landscaping tree. Fat Albert Blue Spruce will grow just fine in silt loam and clay soils as long as the soil does not stay soggy for extended periods. Dense shade results in bare branches. ), learn origami together.... (make origami cranes and hang them among your pictures on the twigs?). I'm wondering what the differences between the three are? Branches grow horizontally away from the tree and heavily shade the ground beneath. Baby Blue Eyes vs Hoopsii vs Fat Albert. There are also some nice large-ish trees a bit further south in Buckhead. Thoughts? Purple and green?

See his great web site here: Check out 'Landscaping with Conifers and Ginkgo for the Southeast' by John Ruter and Tom Cox. Many of the trees further north in the southwest mountains of North Carolina, where summer temperatures almost never rise above 85 F (and are usually in the mid to upper 70s) and steep slopes ensure good drainage - even those look ratty.would abies lasiocarpa blue versions do any better for him??A. Spruce need very little in the way of pruning.
Again, it can be done, but the odds are not good.

I can wear the same boots tomorrow & the event I'm going to on Sunday. It has a strong central leader - I have three and have never needed to prune any of them, even slightly. Though perhaps not given the most flattering name, the Fat Albert blue spruce (Perhaps its most commonly known characteristics are its dense network of boughs covered in rich blue needles and its squat, pyramid shape.

Thoughts?You need to hear from someone who grows P. pungens in humid heat, but I can tell you that Fat Albert is a pretty fast grower and will get bigger faster than the other two.

I am sure some more local responders will chime in but I doubt you will be very happy with the long term performance of Even in my mild climate which doesn't share your summer heat or humidity and often gets pretty chilly in winter, Picea pungens struggle. lasiocarpa can have a brilliant blue color; I have a 'Glacier' that is stunning.

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