baby hedgehogs for sale under 100

Choose from variety of small pets for sale. Remember that hedgehogs are small prey animals, so they will always have a level of weariness with being handled.It is extremely important to locate a board certified exotic pet vet for hedgehogs.

Se $200 each Please text formation!

About Us. We have several babies available now, all of our babies are handled on a regular basis. While treatment can be attempted, the cancer is typically incurable at this stage.In addition to tumors of the mouth, hedgehogs can get dental disease which can lead to or exasperate other health problems. You can purchase a hedgehog tent, blanket or a house for them to sleep in. Policies. Baby Hedgehogs For Sale.

Hedgehogs are known to ‘play’ with toys by pushing or tossing them around. Anything from wood to fleece can be acceptable. Items that can provide this stimulation include small balls and pine cones.

4) We sell our baby hedgehogs to PET HOMES ONLY. We enjoyed her soo much that we decided one day we would want to breed hedgehogs. Please feel free to email us with questions you might have. Just make sure that you get a solid wheel and not one with a wire run surface. An overview of owning Hedgehogs and Hedgehogs for sale as pets.. I am a USDA licensed hobby breeder of the White Bellied African Pygmy Hedgehog, located in Bremerton, Washington. There is no fur under the spines, but soft white or dark fur covers the belly, neck, face, and legs.

Please feel free to browse our pages and enjoy the pictures of our hedgehogs. Tri Color Merles, Lilac Fawns Merles, Full Lilac ..Have some baby’ Hedgehogs ready to go each baby comes with a care sheet and guarantee p....4 baby hedgehogs available for furrever homes 2 boys 2 girls 8 weeks old 10/10..Spike is a2 year old male Hedgehog. This can range from around $70 for a ‘normal’ color or up to $300 for more unique colorations.The diet for your hog will be a commercial hedgehog food or a high protein, low fat cat food with supplements of insects, cooked unseasoned meat, veggies and fruits that can be used as treats. The floor of the cage needs to be solid so that they will not get their little toes caught or any foot issues. About. It is important to make the handling experience positive for the hedgehog; be sure to reward it with a small piece of a favored food item when the animal has behaved in a desirable fashion.

Please feel free to browse our website and enjoy pictures of our babies, and all of their parents! Hedgehogs are unique and interesting because of their quills, a feature most mammals do not possess.

Hedgehogs are not legal in Hawaii, which has stringent laws against nearly all exotic pets and even strict quarantine requirements for incoming dogs and cats.Environmentalists worried about hedgehogs escaping into the ecosystem and doing damage need look no further than their neighboring states where the pets are legal and the complete absence of any problems.

Every one of our Hedgehogs comes with: Lion Attack Should Not Change North Carolina's Exotic Animal LawsHedgehogs are often referred to the group of ‘pocket pets’ or small mammals, there is the generically-named African hedgehog, which has become relatively popular for an exotic pet. Baby boy hedgehog, $150.

Signs of illness in hedgehogs and other exotic pets can be subtle and hard for owners to notice until they become obvious, which is generally when the illness is too advanced to treat successfully. If a domesticated animal is understood to be a species selectively-bred under human-controlled conditions for generations to meet human needs, a hedgehog can and should be considered as such. Since hedgehogs are not rodents, many small animal toys that are designed for gnawing will not be suitable for them. If you are worried about the temperature being too cold then purchase a reptile heat source to keep your hog warm.

I have several little baby joey sugar gliders ready to go to their new homes now. High protein cat food is another option owners use with their hedgehogs. A hedgehog has poor eyesight and may fall from wired ramps.
Be sure to keep an eye on your hedgehog’s weight as they can be prone to obesity, and ration the portions accordingly.Depending on the age that you acquire your hedgehog, it might need time to adjust to handling and require socialization.
Obesity is a health hazard and can lead to liver issues.Housing a hedgehog is not elaborate. everyone loves treats! • Lifetime guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS).• A Year guarantee against Congenital Health Diseases• Birth Certificate.• Starter Food.• Small Carrier Email: Contact@potenzaexotics.com www.potenzae...

We knew it was not to be taken lightly as hedgehogs can be difficult to breed at times.

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