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He can dodge fire ball with ease thanks to his cunningness. To find out who would win a Death Battle.

A battle unlike any other begins. Announcer: And now for his challenger. Being several inches taller then Yujiro Hanma.

Then Baki had performed the Triceratops Punch against Shyuh as he blocked the attack as he grabbed Baki and then with his Brain Buster he slammed him into the ground as Baki had landed on his feet again. Sora: Baki is a feat achieving master. Baki the Grappler vs. Battle Heat. Karate. Alicia: *dreamly sighs* Ah such a handome man. Shyuh: Hah ya really think ya are a big time, kid?! Baki had copied Shyuh's Neuro Power as he used it against Shyuh. Retsu Kaioh - being the mentor of Retsu; he has shown a lot of great respect for his teacher even going as far as to avenge his master when Yujiro rips off Ryu Kaioh's face only to be yelled at by Ryu to never insult him saying the match was not over between him and Yujiro. Trained in China and became the heir to his Kung Fu style in his temple.
Kin: It is indeed more impressive consider his grandfather Yuichiro can use his foes like a nunchucks which definently is more painful to know. Yellow Speech Bubble: With his tiger suplex he can suplex his opponent into the ground. He can use the Mahha Zuki attack which he copied from Katsumi Orochi of Shinshinkai karate.

The strongest grappler on Earth himself and he is quite hot-blooded as well. Shyuh uses martial arts and wrestling to dish out some serious beating. In the past, he was a bulky body builder with extremely tough muscles, but after he was beaten with ease by a great Chinese martial arts master, he changed his training, along with his view on his country's philosophies, completely. Shyuh: I must admit, Hanma. Just kidding guys. Then Shyuh as his trump card had charged his Neuro Power in order to finish Baki off as he performed his attack's name. Kaioh is the seventh episode of the Baki (2020) anime series. He is a fighting beast as he have the numerous technique. ' Retsu Kaioh (烈 海王) - Chinese Kung-Fu (referred to as "Kenpo" in Japanese) practitioner. White Speech Bubble: Power Driver he can slam his opponent into the ground with ease. His goal is to surpass his father and to become the strongest person on earth. Here our combatants. Any martial arts and esoretic ones. Kung Fu. Today we will announce the special Death Battle match between two toughest toughest fighters ever made. Then Both Baki and Shyuh had begun pumellating each other repeatedly. Kaioh Retsu. Announcer: This fight is about to explode! Then the crowd had cheered their new champion as they satisfied with the fight.

The other monks yell at Retsu while Ryu comments on his escape just to partake in the test. Your techniques are improving over the years of your fighting days kid.

The combatants are set. Retsu Kaioh (烈 海王, Retsu Kaiō; Liè Hǎiwáng) is a master martial artist, who specializes in Chinese Kenpo, much like his masters Ryu and Kaku Kaioh. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Baki takes the title in absolutely violent fashion.

Wiz: He is even tough enough to survive Yanagi's attacks and Kureha's most of the moves which would one shot him. He trained in various fighting styles. Taekwondo. Heheheh. Spinning Lotus from Retsu Kaioh. The fight of two fighters who can use techniques of other fighters which will turn into Battle to the death between these two. He is truly disapointed when none of the selected candidates all failed he steps ups and faces the test himself and lectures on to his disciples that the only one who can inherit his name of Kaioh needs to be strong and skillful as he proceeds to punch the stone water tank an escaped Retsu punches the other side of the tank and both waves colide breaking the tank. His most famous feat was pounding a boulder into a perfectly round form. Announcer: Holy jumping giblets. Think again!

Retsu Kaioh made Pickle respect his martial arts skill, knocked out fucking Joe Frazier with a peg leg, goddamnit. White Speech Bubble: He is also protective of his girlfriend Kozue Matsumoto whom he knows since the school. Ryuuga: Plus Baki also held against such powerhouses like Yujiro, Doppo Orochi and of course the mighty Biscuit Oliver.

It is unknown when at what point that Dorian came up to Ryu to recommend that Retsu recieve the title of Kaioh. Learned from his dad no less. While he gave Baki a hard time, he ultimately lost the fight. Then Baki with kick powerful enough had roundhouse kicked Shyuh thus blowing him away and thus Shyuh was lying on the ground as he got on his feet again as he cracked his fists with the sadistic smirk on his face. Kin: And it's our job to anylize their weapons, armors skills and martial arts abilities.

It is shown during a flashback of Retsu Kaioh that when a test was being held that when Ryu Kaioh was searching for the next disciple to inherit his name. Baki had dodged the attack with ease. Announcer: There he is. Say hello to former member of Dark Holy Empire himself. Ryu has shown to have great endurance and pain tolerance being able to continue his short lived fight after having his face ripped off by Yujiro. Here goes the competitor. Even though he is not shown but is implied being able to perfectly carve a large stone  into a sphere called the "great hitting stone" Retsu was shown Ryu Kaioh's hitting stone as an example to Ryu's hard work. The fight of two fighters who can use techniques of other fighters which will turn into Battle to the death between these two. The young and talented martial artist that has the ability to learn his enemies' moves with no problem. And then the beam had reached Shyuh thus blasting him completely into the bloody chunks thus Baki had raised his fist in victory as Shyuh was exploded violently as Baki had yelled with his cry as Shyuh's head is now lying on the ground. Sora: He can fight with ease without tiring.

Then it was Shyuh had begun to throw punches and kicks at Baki as Baki is quicker enough to dodge Shyuh's flurry of attacks. Wrestling. Announcer: LADIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES AND GENTLEMEN! Thus Baki knew that Shyuh training in martial arts was not a joke as then Shyuh had prepared his crane stance as he performed the rappid fire punch attack.

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