barrett m107 vs m82

Barrett M107 Barrett M107CQ (M82A1/M107CQ) - version for use by helicopters and armored vehicles, the main difference from the base case is shortened by 9 inches barrel (508 mm to 737 mm in the full-length of the sample). The Barrett M82, formalized by the United States military as the M107, is a semi-automatic anti-materiel sniper rifle firing the.50 BMG cartridge. The M107 variant is also called the Light Fifty for its .50 BMG (12.7×99mm NATO) chambering and significantly lighter weight compared to previous applications and the 15% heavier base M82 model. I've got a couple of inquiries out, but if there's no real discernable difference I'd go w/ the M82. JavaScript is disabled.

Additionally, the weapon's weight and large The Barrett M107, like previous members of the M82 line, is also referred to as the Barrett "Light Fifty". Yeah, I don't think I need spiked feet on a bipod, and if I do I'll pick one up on GunBroker. With too many movie and video game appearances to count, the Barrett .50s certainly get lots of due attention from the public. Did two transfers this weekend, one as a seller, one as a buyer. I wouldn't think so either. We believe the 2nd Amendment is best defended through grass-roots organization, education, and advocacy centered around individual gun owners.

The M107 is an American Sniper Rifle. Independence is the premier gun shop and indoor range.

ya, i have been looking for the last 12 months, to buy a m82a1 or m107 there always seems to be about a $2,000 difference in price, but have never really seen a physical difference between the 2. other than the designation on the side of the reciever. I'm just trying to understand why the difference in price.

The maximum effective range of the M107 is 2,000 yards (1,830 m).

If someone comes back and reports the difference to be like an HK91 vs. a PSG-1, then for 1K that's a deal.

The Barrett M82A1 rifle was used in 2002 as a platform for the experimental Then the Army decided on the Barrett M82, a semi-automatic rifle. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

For me, that is all the reason I "need". Maybe it's an exclusivity thing, but that seems kind of silly to me if so. How do they work? Agreed, M82/M107 is more for engaging hard targets, and not meant for accuracy. I beleave the M107 is the military designation of the M82A1. Well, let’s have a look!Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV. The The M82A2 differed from M82A1 mostly in its configuration; the pistol grip along with trigger was placed ahead of the magazine, and the buttpad placed below the receiver, just after the magazine. The handle comes out and down at a shallow angle on the M82's and on the M107's it comes out and then makes a 90 degree turn up and then another 90 degree turn out farther. How do they work? If our Supporting Vendors don't have what you're looking for, click these links before shopping and Northwest Firearms will receive a portion of the sale! The designation has in many instances supplanted earlier ones, with the M107 being voted one of 2005's top 10 military inventions by the U.S. Army.The U.S. Army and Marine Corps plan to field another Barrett rifle, the The receiver is made from two parts (upper and lower), stamped from sheet steel and connected by cross-pins. The maximum range of this weapon (specifically the M107 variant) is 4,400 yards (4,000 m), as quoted in the owner's manual. What’s in the box? The heavy barrel is M82A1 rifles are fitted with scope mount and folding backup iron sights, should the glass scope break.

Besides coming with two magazines and a monopod for the back (and being marked as the milspec version) does anyone know the difference between that and the M82A1 that most folks buy in civilian life? The M107 is the M82 as adopted for service with the US Army, which, for reasons best known to itself, likes to rename things it buys. The Barrett .50 caliber anti-material rifles are truly icons in the firearm world. Also, the M107 is issued with the monopod, but the monopod is optional for a Model 82A1. Prices are good, they have a great selection of guns, ammo and accessories.

The most obvious difference are the rifles muzzle brakes: The M82’s is belled out while the M107s is cylindrical. Had some in stock fairly priced ammo. Also, the M107 is issued with the monopod, but the monopod is optional for a Model 82A1. Only downside was limit to 1 box of each kind of ammo, but I can understand given the times we are in. Barrett M82 107 Sniper Rifle Live Fire - Duration: 13 minutes, 50 seconds. I've noticed that there seems to be a premium price on M107 Barretts.

The M107 is issued with "spike feet" bipods and the 82A1® is issued with "smooth feet" bipods.

That plus exclusivity of a milspec model seems to be the difference in price. I guess I finally answered my question by looking at Barrett's FAQ (smacks head.) The coloring on the two models is slightly different as well, as the M107 features a coated barrel, rail, and furniture. If you appreciate Northwest Firearms please consider making a donation. I think most of us don't have a "Need" for 99% of the stuff we own. Will my 5.56 upper work on a Barrett 6.8 lower?

But what are these rifles really used for? But what are these rifles really used for? Barrett M107 (M82A1/M107) - it is actually a model M82A1M, but with slight changes in technology designed to improve the reliability of the rifle.

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